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Optimize live campaigns with the first and only DSP proven to drive higher script performance through the use of real-world clinical data.  

Real-time clinical data is notoriously hard to come by. Learn how DeepIntent Outcomes™ gave one biotechnology leader unprecedented speed to actionable insight. Download Now

Our unique combination of HCP and patient marketing drove 10-35% higher script lift for one leading healthcare media agency and its top client, thanks to DeepIntent Outcomes™. Download Now

DeepIntent Outcomes™ enabled one leading healthcare media agency and its largest pharma client to coordinate HCP and patient media, driving 35% higher TRx. Download Now

Komodo Health VP Lauren Stahl explains how clinical data gives marketers a solid understanding of the patient journey, helping them improve outcomes.

We surveyed patients to understand how informative and relevant they consider pharmaceutical ads, how these ads inform their decision-making and overall health and wellness journeys, and more. Learn how to strengthen your pharmaceutical ad performance and better educate patients about conditions and treatment options. Complete the form to receive an email to download our research […]

Learn how our Automatic Media Cost Optimizer (AMCO) bidding algorithm helped one leading biotechnology company increase reach by 62% at a 33% lower cost. Download Now

Patient Modeled Audiences delivered 25% higher audience quality at 59% lower cost for one leading pharmaceutical company seeking to raise awareness for a specific drug. Download Now

Compared with other solution providers, healthcare media agencies consistently find DeepIntent to be a top performing partner due to the efficacy and efficiency of Patient Modeled Audiences. Download Now

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