How DeepIntent Became the Healthcare Demand Side Platform of Choice

We’re leading the healthcare advertising industry with data-driven solutions built for the future. From day one, our mission has been to improve patient outcomes through the artful use of advertising, data science, and real-world clinical data.


A Scrappy Start-Up

Interacting with patients sparked an a-ha moment for CEO Chris Paquette when he worked as a Memorial Sloan Kettering data scientist. He founded DeepIntent in 2016 with a core belief that advertising technology can measurably improve the lives of patients.
DeepIntent Past


Innovating at the Heart of Healthcare and Advertising

With more than 220 people across four different countries, we’ve more than doubled in revenue annually for the past six years while continuously innovating at the heart of healthcare and advertising. We have deep partnerships with nine of the top 10 major pharmaceutical companies and all of the major healthcare agencies to advertise 320+ healthcare brands.


Continuing to Lead Pharma Into the Future

We are more than the DSP of choice for healthcare marketers. DeepIntent Outcomes™, our patented technology that measures and optimizes omnichannel campaigns in real time toward script performance and audience quality, has become the currency on which pharma media is transacted, both on our DSP and off-platform. We continue to lead pharma into the future by innovating and marketing to the future that is, not the past that was.

DeepIntent Product Highlights


Best Buy-Side Programmatic Platform


Company of the Year

Most Innovative Products:
DeepIntent Outcomes™

Most Innovative Products:
Patient Modeled Audiences

Most Innovative Services:
HCP Planner


Dedicated. Experienced. Driven.

Chris Paquette

Founder & CEO

Jen Werther

Chief Strategy Officer

Amit Chaturvedi

Chief OperatinG Officer

Anton Yazovskiy

Chief Technology Officer

Marcella Milliet Sciorra

Chief Marketing Officer

Carrie Craigmyle

SVP, Strategy & Client Success

Steve Klein

SVP, Product Management

Tony Sherry

SVP, Sales
John Mangano Headshot

John Mangano

SVP, Analytics

Sourabh Gandhe

VP, Engineering

Chris Meyer

VP, People Operations

Jason Dennie

VP, Campaign Management
Yashina Burns headshot

Yashina Burns

VP, Data Privacy & Legal Affairs
Aaron Letscher

Aaron Letscher

VP, CTV Business Development

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