Create HCP Audiences Based on Pharma’s Most Trusted Data Source

IQVIA now powers DeepIntent’s HCPID graph and award-winning HCP Planner, so pharma brands can ensure data consistency within advertising campaigns and across marketing initiatives.

Build Advanced HCP Audiences

Real-time audience creation powered by IQVIA, the industry’s most accurate 1:1 deterministic HCP identity database


addressable NPIs


pharmacy claims annually


of prescribing HCP universe


medical claims annually


avg. NPI match in <10 seconds


DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform

Are you ready to see the platform in action?

Achieve End-to-End Data Consistency​​​

DeepIntent is the only DSP fully integrated with IQVIA for end-to-end campaign activation with authenticated, opted-in reach to 95%+ of the prescribing HCP universe.
Now, the same data 85% of pharma marketers use to build NPI lists and conduct direct marketing outreach is available for campaign planning, activation, and daily PLD reporting.
DeepIntent HCP

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