Create Highly Qualified HCP and Patient Audience Segments

Our strategic audience solutions provide the options you need to build, access, or onboard your most clinically-relevant campaign audiences.

Patient Planner

The Smarter, Faster, and More Transparent Way to Plan Patient Campaigns

With patented technology, Patient Planner is the only tool to enable on-demand patient audience creation, optimization, and real-time campaign planning, in a privacy-safe way.


Explore patient populations and build custom Patient Modeled Audiences based on claims and consumer data, in a HIPAA-compliant way


Assess audience combinations to create the optimal audience mix that maximizes audience quality at the lowest cost



Forecast addressable audience reach and spend across channels and devices, and activate immediately in DeepIntent’s DSP

Brand & Patient

Identify Your Most Valuable HCP Audiences with HCP Planner

Our award-winning HCP Planner enables real-time audience creation and forecasting based on data for 95% of the prescribing HCP universe. DeepIntent is the only DSP fully integrated with IQVIA to enable end-to-end data consistency through campaign planning, activation, and measurement.
Healthcare Provider
Explore and segment HCP audiences based on clinical, behavioral, and demographic data for 1.8M+ addressable NPIs
Patient Modeled Audiences
Upload and match your NPI list in <10 seconds, with a 95%+ average match rate
Folder Plus

Export audiences for immediate activation with DeepIntent’s DSP, the industry leader for HCP reach

DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform

Are you ready to see the platform in action?

Patient Modeled Audiences

Reach Highly-Qualified Patient Audiences with Patented Technology

Now with more powerful algorithms up to 7X more effective in predicting patient conditions, Patient Modeled Audiences leverages the most comprehensive real-world clinical datasets to reach precise patient audiences.

User Authentication
Custom audiences based on campaign-specific claims codes
Transparency into the audience creation process
Immediate activation within DeepIntent’s DSP
Privacy-safe with a HIPAA certification for every audience model
Healthcare Provider & Patient

Access the First and Only Diverse, Premium HCP and Patient Data Marketplace

Discover DeepIntent’s Audience Marketplace, a unique healthcare data ecosystem curated from leading health data providers and endemic publishers
Explore, onboard, and activate your custom or ready-to-use HCP and patient audiences
Healthcare Data

Drive higher audience quality and script lift with DeepIntent Outcomes™, and receive daily provider-level data reporting for all HCP audiences

Our Data Partners

Data Agnostic Platform

Onboard Existing Segments to Our Data-Agnostic Platform ​

Bring your own audiences to the most powerful healthcare advertising platform to improve performance, unify campaigns, and maximize resources.

Load your third-party segments from any provider including Crossix, Swoop, IQVIA, and more. Learn more about activating third-party audiences

Pull and dynamically update target lists with seamless platform integrations with your Next Best Action/Engagement systems or CRM data. Learn more about DeepIntent Orchestrate™

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