The Value of Pre-Optimizing Your Healthcare Audience Segments

It’s no easy feat for healthcare marketers to achieve the optimal audience mix for their campaigns. They must carefully select audience segments that are not only clinically relevant to the target condition but also cost-effective and scalable. However, it can take weeks or months into the campaign to determine the value and performance of these segments, often resulting in wasted ad spend.

The difficulty arises because most audiences are created and measured outside of media buying platforms, making it challenging for marketers to optimize their segments before and during campaign activation. However, thanks to advances in healthcare advertising technology, it’s now possible to pre-optimize your campaign audiences with the power of artificial intelligence.

Built into the DeepIntent Health Advertising Platform, DeepIntent Copilot is a tool that delivers AI-powered insights and recommendations throughout the campaign planning and activation process. By tying real-time media data to clinical outcomes, Copilot can help you determine the best combination of audience segments to maximize audience quality (AQ) while ensuring scale.

Learn how Copilot’s audience recommendations can elevate your campaign planning.

1. Take the guesswork out of evaluating campaign audiences.

Over the last year, healthcare marketers have used DeepIntent’s Patient Planner for on-demand audience creation, optimization, and real-time campaign planning. One of its key features is the ability to compare different audience groups based on their audience quality, audience reach, and data cost. But with thousands of segments to choose from, determining the right mix can be time-consuming — until you add Copilot.

In just a few seconds, Copilot’s AI evaluates every combination of audience segments based on their active audience quality (AQ), reach, and cost and recommends the optimal audience mix to drive relevance and value in your campaign.

By combining real-time media data with clinical outcomes, Copilot offers meaningful audience insights that marketers can’t get from audience segments alone. For example, Copilot’s audience recommendations use active AQ, which differs from static AQ measurement because it also evaluates whether the audience data has appeared in media buying within the last 30 days. This type of insight is crucial in selecting the right audience to drive better patient reach and performance.

2. Save time and money with pre-optimized audience segments.

Healthcare audience segments can be expensive and aren’t guaranteed to drive performance. DeepIntent’s platform already makes it possible to improve your reach and optimize audience quality while your campaign runs. With Copilot, we are expanding that capability, giving marketers the means to optimize their audience from the outset.

Copilot eliminates the trial and error of audience selection by offering pre-optimized audience recommendations that work to maximize AQ while also ensuring scale. Essentially, Copilot moves measurement into the audience selection process so you can ensure the relevance of your audience before you buy. As a result, you’ll better understand the value of your audience and how your campaign will perform before you spend a dollar.

3. Make smarter, more data-driven decisions.

With the ability to optimize your audiences before activation, Copilot helps to ensure your dollars go further with more intelligent, more accurate reach from the start. Alongside audience recommendations, once your campaign is live, Copilot will continue to guide campaign performance by offering insights and optimizations that focus media investments on the impressions that drive deeper performance metrics, such as audience quality and script lift.

Want to see DeepIntent Copilot in action? Schedule a demo today.

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