Improving Patient Outcomes with Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are revolutionizing the healthcare industry right before our very eyes. In this article for, CEO Chris Paquette…

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DeepIntent Survey Reveals That Pharmaceutical Advertising Motivates Patients to Research Treatment and Medication Options

DeepIntent surveyed 1,244 U.S. patients in August 2021 about their attitudes toward pharmaceutical ads and whether they find them relevant. In this article, Pharmaceutical…

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Is that drug ad for me? People pay more attention to pharma DTC for familiar conditions, study finds

When pharma ads are relevant, they drive patient action. In this article, Endpoints News highlights the findings from DeepIntent’s research study on patient attitudes…

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Shrinking Linear Television Underscores Shift to Emerging Channels

As linear TV viewership continues its decline, pharma marketers will need to adjust their strategies to reach healthcare audiences on all screens. In this video…

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16 Leaders Share Tips To Help Young Tech Professionals Find The Right Mentor

Having the right mentor can make all the difference in helping young tech professionals learn to navigate the industry. In this article for Forbes,…

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Protecting Patient Privacy in Advertising with Machine Learning

In an industry as regulated as healthcare and pharma, preserving patient privacy is something that always needs to be top of mind. In this article…

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Filling Gaps in the Patient Experience Exposed by COVID

Can ad relevance improve patient trust in pharma? In this article for PM360, DeepIntent’s CEO Chris Paquette argues that targeted consumer advertising can boost…

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Improving the Patient-Provider Relationship with Advertising That’s Actually Relevant

Read more here. A research study conducted by DeepIntent found that nearly 1 in 3 patients don’t feel informed enough about their prescription drug…

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Three Principles For Successfully Scaling A Startup

Ever wonder what it takes to go from a startup to a successful, growth-stage company? In this article for Chief Executive Group, Christopher Paquette…

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