Optimize Marketing by Utilizing Self-Service Approaches

Many advertisers control their campaign strategy and data through a #DSP. In the latest article for ClickZ.com, our Chief Strategy Officer Jen Werther discusses how a self-service approach can help advertisers control their ad buys, increase transparency, and simplify workflows.

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The Effect of Privacy and Compliance Changes on Programmatic Strategy

DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette joins a PM360 Think Tank discussion to share his point of view on the future of programmatic advertising including how marketers can safely advertise without violating privacy regulations and what to expect when third-party cookies go away.

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From The Experts: Media And Advertising In 2021

Forbes recently asked Yashina Burns, director of data privacy and legal affairs at DeepIntent her prediction for media and advertising shifts in 2021.

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Two Key Questions About Data Analytics 2020

PM360 asked DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette about the impact of Google, Safari, and Firefox all phasing out third-party cookies and the biggest missed opportunities for marketers regarding data.

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How COVID-19 Has Coronated Digital the King of Healthcare Marketing

In a time when it’s incumbent on marketers of all stripes to recognize and respond to these consumption shifts, it is of paramount importance that healthcare marketers adapt their strategies and share their messages in the channels where their two key audiences — patients and healthcare providers — are spending the majority of their time.

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DeepIntent Starts Healthcare Focused Connected TV Marketplace

MediaPost sat down with CEO Chris Paquette to discuss why DeepIntent's new Connected TV Marketplace is one of the company's most important and strategic investments to date

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CEO Chris Paquette Named PM360 Vanguard Award Finalist

DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, was named as one of three finalists for PM360's prestigious Vanguard Award, recognized for his achievements in pioneering industry-first healthcare innovations

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5 Things Chris Paquette Wishes He Knew Before Becoming CEO

Chris Paquette sat down with Authority Magazine to share his story and the important lessons learned as DeepIntent's Founder and CEO

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This Technology Turns Drug Ads Into Better Health Outcomes

ZDNet and Paquette go deep on the privacy-safe AI and machine learning that fuels Patient Modeled Audiences, and the game-changing impact it’s poised to have on pharma advertising - and patient outcomes

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