Measure and Optimize Toward Real-World Outcomes

Measure and optimize live advertising campaigns with the first and only demand side platform (DSP) proven to drive higher audience quality and script lift through the use of real-world clinical data.


Our award-winning patented technology makes DeepIntent the only demand side platform to link real-world clinical data with impression data so marketers can measure and optimize live campaigns toward audience quality and script performance metrics.

Increase awareness, drive consideration, improve script lift

Automatic, in-flight optimizations: Use predictive algorithms that continuously optimize all audience, media, and messaging parameters to improve audience quality and/or script performance

Daily data refreshes: Measure and optimize performance based on the industry’s the most comprehensive healthcare dataset and fastest pharmaceutical data refresh

Insightful analysis: Access live campaign performance to understand performance drivers within and across campaigns, and glean strategic audience insights

Optimize Campaign Inflight

Auto-Optimize Campaigns In-Flight

Our AI-powered machine learning algorithms automate real-time optimization to accelerate performance while reducing cost.

Script Increase

Patient Campaigns

Increase audience quality while reducing cost-per-verified-patient

Healthcare Provider
HCP Campaigns Improve script lift while reducing cost-per-TRx, -NRx, or -NBRx

Patient and HCP Campaigns

Coordinate and optimize patient and HCP exposures toward common KPIs

DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform

Are you ready to see the platform in action?

Prescriptions Over Impressions


Prescriptions Over Impressions

How does addressable media impact script performance? DeepIntent helped one top pharmaceutical company and its agency of record, Matterkind, answer that question with an integrated, cross-channel campaign. With the help of data-driven audience building and real-time script optimization, the brand maximized ROI.

Sun Pharma and Fingerpaint Grow Verified Patient Reach for ILUMYA® with DeepIntent Outcomes™

Machine learning algorithms auto-optimized all campaign parameters in-flight, including CTV and online video inventory, to maximize verified patient reach while minimizing the cost-per-verified-patient (CPVP)

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Case Studies
Case Study: DeepIntent Outcomes™ (Strategic Insight)
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Case Studies
Case Study: DeepIntent Outcomes™ Coordinated HCP and Patient Campaign Generates 35% Higher Total Script Lift for Leading Pharmaceutical Company
DeepIntent Outcomes™ enabled one leading healthcare media agency and its largest pharma client to coordinate HCP and patient media, driving 35% higher TRx. Download Now
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