The Most Powerful Healthcare Advertising Platform

A healthcare advertising platform that empowers marketers to plan, activate, measure and optimize HCP and patient programmatic campaigns, all within a single platform.

DeepIntent Healthcare Platform

Proven to drive higher audience quality and script lift



Create highly-qualified patient and HCP audience segments and forecast real-time performance potential to reach your most clinically-relevant audiences.
Build custom HCP and patient audiences based on the the industry’s most comprehensive healthcare dataset
Access clinically-precise audiences from the first and only healthcare data marketplace
Onboard existing segments to our data-agnostic platform


Address your audiences immediately using our homegrown, award-winning DSP. Trade directly with publishers, buy across the open exchange, and access the first Connected TV Marketplace built for healthcare advertisers.
Reach more than 75%+ of addressable CTV households with curated inventory from programmers like Hulu, NBCUniversal, and Discovery+
Tap into the only healthcare DSP integrated with LG TV viewership data
Enjoy zero-fee trading on direct deals with leading publishers, like Haymarket, Bulletin Healthcare, and Everyday Health
Seamlessly activate custom or ready-to-use patient and HCP audience segments via Audience Marketplace
Dynamically update HCP target lists with seamless platform integrations
Measure Optimize

Measure & Optimize

Drive higher audience quality and script lift with DeepIntent Outcomes™, our patented, award-winning solution that automatically optimizes live campaigns based on real-world clinical data and machine learning.
Proven to improve performance for patient, HCP, and integrated campaigns
Insightful analysis to understand and improve performance drivers within and across campaigns
Daily provider-level data (PLD) reporting for all HCP audiences

DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform

Are you ready to see the platform in action?

DeepIntent CoPilot

Introducing DeepIntent Copilot

Built into the DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform, our latest innovation brings AI-powered insights and recommendations to your campaign planning and activation, enabling you to:
Smarter Campaigns

Reach your optimal audience

Maximize your audience quality and patient reach with pre-optimized audience segments
AI-Powered Insights and Recommendations

Maximize your media investment

Connect media exposure to real-time clinical outcomes and uncover insights that help evolve your strategy
Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Drive performance and efficiency

Understand how certain channels are performing and then make adjustments to ensure your campaign influences more patient-to-provider interaction
CTV Family

Data and Identity Foundation Built for a Cookieless Future Since 2019​


Maximize cookieless reach with our proprietary identity solution that directly connects healthcare datasets to anonymized clinical, behavioral, CRM, and first-party publisher data in real time

Identity Data Partners
Discover the first and only cookieless by design HCP and patient data marketplace, powered by the industry’s leading identity graph

Access one of the first demand side platforms integrated with LiveRamp RampID for cookieless bidding and biddable IDs


Leverage direct integrations with publisher first-party data, such as NPIs and hashed emails, via DeepIntent’s Healthcare Marketplace

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Our Commitment to a Privacy-First and Brand-Safe Advertising Environment​


Create unique, personalized, and relevant messaging in a privacy-compliant way


Protect patient identity with a patented modeling process that combines artificial intelligence and emerging privacy technologies, like differential privacy


Achieve a high viewability, brand-safe environment with industry-leading verification partners such as DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Sciences (IAS)

How Sun Pharma and Fingerpaint Grew Verified Patient Reach 5.7X

DeepIntent Outcomes™ machine learning algorithms auto-optimized all campaign parameters in-flight, helping Sun Pharma and its consumer agency of record, Fingerpaint, raise awareness for ILUMYA® while decreasing cost-per-verified patient by 83%.

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