Deeper Data Creating
Unprecedented Performance
Deeper Data Creating
Unprecedented Performance

DeepIntent integrates state-of-the-art natural language models, ultra-low latency processing frameworks, and geo-distributed infrastructure into a single ad exchange platform. Our revolutionary approach to user content targeting leverages the most recent advances made in artificial intelligence to give marketers deeper control of their brand messaging. DeepIntent is redefining programmatic advertising and opening the door for real-time programmatic conversation at previously unimaginable scales.

Scalable Ad Serving

DeepIntent’s ad serving platform is designed to deliver billions of ad impressions daily with pinpoint targeting accuracy, while optimizing campaigns to capitalize on every opportunity to reach future customers at scale.

DeepIntent supports programmatic delivery of ad formats ranging from video to rich media at latencies far lower than most platforms. Our highly optimized platform also supports all of the standard IAB specified ad units, including Rising Stars, as well as DeepIntent’s unique placements such as IntelliReel Video Overlays.

  • Supported Specifications
  • OpenRTB 2.3, 2.4
  • Native Ads 1.1
  • OpenDirect
  • VAST (Video Standard)
  • DAAST (Audio Standard)


The DeepIntent AI provides each auction with the necessary contextual metadata to prioritize ads that fit the context of the user experience within milliseconds of the initial request. Every ad request inbound to our platform is subjected to a variety of real-time analytics to identify unique users and block requests from crawlers, while simultaneously applying performance models to accurately price each impression.

Deep Content Analytics

The fastest human reader can read 1,000 words per minute. Imagine the value that a machine that could read millions of words per minute could provide a platform that seeks to match contextually relevant ads with user intent. That’s exactly the type of information DeepIntent’s AI is designed to provide our marketplace.

If another platform offers “contextual” targeting using keywords, they’re a step behind. DeepIntent leverages newly developed deep learning models to offer insight into the true factors that drive performance. This type of data allows our advertisers to price ads by the concepts (brands, people, places, things, and events) contained within the content, and even the sentiment surrounding it. Placing your ads on content that talks positively about your brand while ensuring they don’t show next to those that are negative is as simple as two clicks in campaign settings. Similarly, DeepIntent offers you the ability to differentiate the conversation based on the sentiment and topics discussed in the content, opening the doors for a more personalized interaction.

Unique to our platform, DeepIntent shares the content metadata we collect with our publisher partners in order to build a valuable feedback loop to promote content that is of interest to our advertisers.

Pricing and Performance Modeling

DeepIntent analyzes hundreds of thousands of inputs in order to accurately price each impression for your campaign. We maximize delivery based on the performance and budget goals of our advertisers. DeepIntent’s AI automatically explores new user segments and analyzes engagement across different content sources that are included in the targeting preferences. This process allows our advertisers to achieve unparalleled performance as compared to our competitors.

  • Interests
    New York
    San Francisco
  • Engagements
    - 10%
    + 5%
    + 15%
  • Bids
Platform Technical Features
  • DeepIntent gives our advertisers all the tools necessary to create a custom campaign to meet their desired goals. We offer over a hundred manual targeting attributes with the capability to fine tune the desired content, entities, topics, and sentiment.

    • Geo Targeting
    • Device Targeting
    • ISP/Carrier Targeting
    • Time-of-Day Targeting
    • Domain/Site Targeting
    • Topic Targeting
    • Concept Targeting
    • Sentiment Targeting
    • User Retargeting

    Easily view campaign performance at all levels of granularity from within our simple, easy-to-use interface.

  • AIX offers publishers full control over the type of ads that are served and full transparency into the targeting data that is provided within our user-friendly publisher UI. See ad performance at unprecedented levels of granularity and use our programmatic RESTful interfaces to integrate our data into your CMS and content decisioning workflows.

    Publishers can request ads in one of three ways, providing maximum flexibility for any type of implementation:

    • AIX Publisher Ad Tag
    • Simple JSON Request/Response API
    • OpenRTB 2.3 compatible API


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