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Innovating with Intent: Our Top 3 CTV Advertising Takeaways
In a first for DeepIntent, we hosted “Innovating with Intent: A Pharma-Focused CTV Forum,” an event focused exclusively on CTV advertising insights for pharma. Over the...
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Birdwatching: The Latest in Cookieless Advertising Tech
Welcome to Birdwatching, where we keep track of all the latest updates related to the avian-themed acronyms of the cookieless advertising world. DeepIntent is building...
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All About ACR Data: Your TV Campaign’s Missing Ingredient
Marketers today have access to more data than ever before — generated from so many sources — that can be used to power their advertising campaigns. One lesser-known category...
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This Week in Healthcare Advertising: AI's Impact on Pharma Marketing, The Rise of AVOD Viewing, and FDA Approvals
Staying up to date on every healthcare advertising trend is easier said than done these days, which is why we’re curating a weekly digest with all the top headlines on...
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No More Healthcare Data Silos: Q+A With ShareThis Director of Product Marketing Matt Palmaccio
Data is an essential component of any advertising strategy, and health data is especially valuable for pharma companies who want to reach relevant healthcare providers...
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DeepIntent Deep Dive: What Is Differential Privacy?
Privacy is a core pillar of healthcare advertising. Both pharma marketers and consumers alike want to know that any data used to deliver health information is both well...
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Three Considerations for Healthcare Marketers Switching from Linear TV to CTV
For decades, traditional or linear TV has dominated the budgets of healthcare marketers. To meet industry recommendations developed decades ago, which call for audience...
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Making CTV Advertising Possible for Pharma Marketers
More and more, we’re seeing brands across all industries embracing connected TV advertising and coming to realize its benefits as a highly targeted, measurable advertising...
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CEO Statement: DeepIntent’s Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Over the past week, we have shared in the horror of watching Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine unfold in real time. Central to this aggression is misinformation,...
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