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Advertising with linear TV is expensive, but it can be even more costly for pharma brands. A lack of user-level data can translate to higher costs per verified patient (CPVP), while added fees for pharma-specific measurement can impact your return on investment (ROI). Healthcare agencies work to reduce some of these costs through strategic buying […]

Third time’s the charm? Following two previous extensions to its cookie deprecation timeline, Google is now targeting Q1/Q2 2025 for its phaseout of third-party cookies in Chrome. The decision came after the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and numerous publishers, supply-side platforms, and industry stakeholders expressed significant concerns over technical hurdles related to Google’s […]

You probably didn’t need another reminder that the election is coming up. As usual, political campaigns are poised to dominate media in the U.S.—and when you’re a healthcare marketer, it’s important to be prepared for the blitz. Competing with political campaigns for ad space calls for a fortified strategy. At DeepIntent, we studied how much […]

As health marketing undergoes rapid disruption around privacy and identity, delivering personalized messaging at scale becomes a steeper challenge—and an even more important goal. It isn’t just about “selling” more products. It’s about finding new ways to reach people and improve health outcomes. At AdLab Health Marketing Summit, DeepIntent Founder and CEO Chris Paquette urged […]

This year’s AdLab Health Marketing Summit culminated in a panel discussion about women in the health marketing industry, the challenges they’ve met, and opportunities for men and women alike to be there for their colleagues. “Redefining Leadership: Empowering Women in Health, Advertising, and Technology” was moderated by DeepIntent Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Kopp Johnson and […]

Attendees at AdLab Health Marketing Summit identified privacy as a top concern, and it’s no wonder why. Health marketers must contend with new state privacy laws that are introduced yearly. Amid all this change, how can we precisely reach clinically relevant audiences? Experts convened to answer just that in our first AdLab panel, “Life in […]

From accelerating drug discovery to powering advertising technology, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to positively impact health outcomes is taking our industry by storm. Maybe you’ve heard how AI will also revolutionize health advertising with improved personalization and better accuracy in campaign analytics. These advancements, however, are highly dependent on connected data, and many […]

Healthcare marketers today are navigating rapid change. Reshaping the industry as we know it, new privacy laws and technologies like generative AI create an air of uncertainty around health advertising’s next era. Last week, DeepIntent’s AdLab Health Marketing Summit brought healthcare, pharma, and ad tech leaders together to explore vital opportunities to adapt creatively and […]

On April 9, DeepIntent assembled leaders from across the pharma, marketing, and ad tech industries at AdLab Health Marketing Summit to address our current moment of transformation and the questions that define it. The second panel of the day brought together Omnicom Health Group CEO Matt McNally and Natalie Mancuso, who has recently joined DeepIntent […]

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