Real-World Clinical Data and a Top Team: Building DeepIntent Outcomes

Like any other piece of technology, DeepIntent Outcomes™ began with a problem. Pharmaceutical marketers didn’t have a solution for quickly measuring and optimizing their campaigns…

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5 Reasons DeepIntent Outcomes Is a Must for Healthcare Marketing Agencies

A veteran media planner, our Chief Strategy Officer Jen Werther explains why DeepIntent Outcomes™ is a must for healthcare marketing agencies. Before any client meeting,…

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Improve Patient Outcomes With DeepIntent Outcomes™

Timely, highly relevant ads provide healthcare marketers with an incredible opportunity to provide patients with more relevant information, educating them about conditions and treatment options.

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The Patient Perspective: Do Patients Feel Informed by Pharmaceutical Ads?

The very first pharmaceutical ad had a brief run. When Boots revolutionized healthcare marketing by airing the country’s first TV commercial for a prescription drug…

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The Time is Now: 4 Steps to Getting Ahead on Complying with the CPRA

Less than a year after the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, businesses have found themselves experiencing déjà vu with…

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What the COVID-19 Vaccine Means for the Future of Healthcare Marketing

DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette discusses what the COVID-19 vaccine means for healthcare marketing, how vaccine marketing can boost adherence, and why empathy is a must.

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3 Things Our CSO Wants You To Know About Patient Modeled Audiences

DeepIntent CSO and media agency veteran, Jen Werther, has been in her clients' shoes. Here, Jen shares 3 reasons for agencies and advertisers to be excited for DeepIntent's newly launched Patient Modeled Audiences

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Today We Are Closer To Measurably Improving Patient Lives

DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, dives deeper on Patient Modeled Audiences – the company’s new privacy-safe, artificial intelligence solution that connects patients with important, timely information so they can make better health decisions

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Unite, Don’t Divide: A Letter From DeepIntent’s CEO

DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, shares his perspective about recent and systemic issues that plague our country, and makes a promise to DeepIntent employees within a company letter issued earlier this week

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