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On April 9, DeepIntent assembled leaders from across the pharma, marketing, and ad tech industries at AdLab Health Marketing Summit to address our current moment of transformation and the questions that define it. The second panel of the day brought together Omnicom Health Group CEO Matt McNally and Natalie Mancuso, who has recently joined DeepIntent […]

HCP and DTC marketing may get executed in silos, but everyone intuitively knows the impact on patient health is cumulative. As healthcare marketers learn to implement more sophisticated omnichannel campaigns, they seek new approaches to reaching healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients. Maximizing the relationship between provider and patient marketing connects audience and measurement data to […]

Pharma marketing is unique. There are two primary audiences (healthcare providers and patients) and only two countries where you can do direct-to-consumer advertising (the U.S. and New Zealand). In addition, pharma is also one of the most highly regulated industries. This presents a variety of restrictions, considerations, and guardrails that healthcare marketers must learn to […]

For years, the majority of pharma advertising dollars have been allocated toward linear TV. Digital advertising, including connected TV advertising, has become only more prominent as a result of the pandemic, when pharma companies needed an alternative to sending sales reps in person to inform physicians about new treatments. While linear TV may have worked […]

Even as advertising technology gets more intelligent, more data-driven, and more automated, achieving ad relevance is no easy task. It can be especially challenging for pharmaceutical companies looking to reach patients who might be in the market for a certain drug or treatment. When it comes to pharmaceutical ads, personalizing the connection with patients and […]

Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally reached healthcare providers (HCPs) by sending sales representatives to their offices. But with the pandemic rendering that method impossible, marketing to HCPs required pharma brands to double down on digital advertising. Of course, marketing to HCPs is easier said than done, especially when it comes to reaching the right HCPs. When […]

The very first pharmaceutical ad had a brief run. When Boots revolutionized healthcare marketing by airing the country’s first TV commercial for a prescription drug nearly 40 years ago — Rufen, a pain reliever brand name for ibuprofen — the federal government sent a cease-and-desist letter within 48 hours. The FDA hadn’t yet established guidelines […]

As COVID-19 persists, healthcare marketers are carefully considering HCP advertising and communications. Chris Paquette sat down with PM360 Magazine to discuss the programmatic opportunity during the crisis

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