Utilizing Real-World Clinical Data to Optimize Digital Campaigns

In this video, DeepIntent’s CEO and co-founder Chris Paquette shares how healthcare marketers can unlock the full potential of data-driven advertising and optimize their digital…

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DeepIntent Patient Modeled Audiences Overview

Reach highly-qualified patient audiences with speed and precision, in a transparent and privacy-compliant way. Create custom models based on the industry’s most comprehensive real-world clinical…

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Outcomes Are Backbone of Healthcare Targeting: DeepIntent CSO Jen Werther

Our Chief Strategy Officer Jen Werther discusses the importance of speed when measuring healthcare marketing outcomes, which are the backbone of targeting.

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Data-Driven Marketing Boosts Campaign ROI: InStep Health’s Dan Wilmer

Dan Wilmer, EVP and Chief Product Officer at InStep Health, discusses the benefits of data-driven healthcare marketing and omnichannel campaigns.

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The Most Powerful Healthcare Marketing Platform

The award-winning DSP from DeepIntent® enables marketers to plan, activate, measure and optimize their campaigns toward business outcomes, all in the same platform, increasing script…

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DeepIntent Outcomes™ Overview

Optimize live campaigns with the first and only DSP proven to drive higher script performance through the use of real-world clinical data.

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Clinical Data Underpin Improvements in Healthcare: Komodo Health’s Lauren Stahl

Komodo Health VP Lauren Stahl explains how clinical data gives marketers a solid understanding of the patient journey, helping them improve outcomes.

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How Marketers Can Prepare for a Patchwork of Privacy Laws

Yashina Burns, DeepIntent’s Director of Data Privacy & Legal Affairs, discusses how marketers can prepare for privacy laws such as California’s CPRA.

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How Healthcare Marketers Play a Role in the Ongoing COVID-19 Vaccine Effort

Healthcare marketers will play a pivotal role in the ongoing COVID-19 vaccine effort, says DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette.

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