How Healthcare Marketers Play a Role in the Ongoing COVID-19 Vaccine Effort

The COVID-19 vaccine effort is underway, with more Americans increasingly growing more comfortable with the thought of being inoculated. Healthcare marketers will play a pivotal…

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The Evolving Physician-Focused Ad Market: Klick Health’s Lustig

The programmatic space is evolving rapidly, nowhere more so than in healthcare. Fortunately, advertisers have more options than ever to reach both patients and providers.

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The Modern Science Of Marketing To Doctors: Publicis Health’s Rosti

Ray Rosti, chief digital officer of healthcare marketing agency Publicis Health Media, explains how health brands are overcoming the modern ailment of COVID-19.

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Programmatic Campaigns Are Getting More Cohesive From ‘Pitch to Pay’: Magnite’s Adam Lowy

Adam Lowy, head of North American demand sales and strategy at Magnite, explains how unifying linear and digital television through strategic partnerships with companies like DeepIntent enables healthcare marketers to reach audiences in need of timely health information across emerging and highly impactful channels.

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E-Detailing, Telehealth Are Key Marketing Priorities Amid Pandemic: Heartbeat’s Dan Haller

Dan Haller, vice president of engagement strategy at Heartbeat explains key marketing priorities amid the pandemic.

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Patient-Modeled Audiences Improve Programmatic ROI for Healthcare Marketers

DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette explains how DeepIntent's Patient Modeled Audiences solution improves programmatic ROI for healthcare marketers.

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Healthcare Media Embraces Programmatic Sales: Haymarket’s Louis Naimoli

Watch Louis Naimoli, Director Programmatic Sales and Business Development from Haymarket Media discuss how digital publishers are uniquely positioned to enable advertisers to succeed in…

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DeepIntent Patient Modeled Audiences

With DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences, advertisers can deliver timely and relevant ads to precise patient audiences while ensuring the utmost patient privacy. We bring together…

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