Maximize Your Revenue with Artificial Intelligence
We have built the world's most intelligent monetization platform for publishers of all sizes
Maximize Your Revenue with Artificial Intelligence
We have built the world's most intelligent monetization platform for publishers of all sizes
Intelligent Content Decisioning

Understanding audience tendencies and preferences is essential to increasing your content’s value. DeepIntent’s AI is trained to recognize patterns between your content, user engagement, and earned revenue. This semantic data is used by our publishing partners to reveal revenue opportunities previously unexplored.

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  • Yankee Stadium
Opportunity Discovery

DeepIntent utilizes semantic data within our ad exchange to serve highly specific and relevant ads to your audience. Within our easy to use, real-time dashboard, you can see the exact topics, people, places, and things that are receiving the most user engagement and revenue.

DeepIntent’s AI analyzes content from our publisher partners using the most advanced natural language processing algorithms. We tag each URL with information-rich contextual data points, including the exact topics, concepts, keywords, and sentiment of the page.

Use semantic data to predict user engagement, CPMs, and overall yield of content as it pertains to your audience.

Platform Features

Deeplntent offers new, innovative ways to monetize your audiences. In addition to the traditional display ad units, we provide flexible integration options supporting OpenRTB, standard Ad Tags, and VAST.

  • DeepIntent supports all standard IAB certified formats for ad units that range from the standard 300x250 to specialized in-video overlays that understand the content of the video.

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  • Header Bidding promises to change the future of programmatic by eliminating the complexities of waterfall optimization and unlocking the full value of your audience. DeepIntent fully supports header bidding implementations with full access to our demand.

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  • DeepIntent's IntelliReel Video placement is an innovative new ad unit that is offered exclusively by DeepIntent. IntelliReel leverages DeepIntent’s state-of-the-art content analytics engine and video processing algorithms to understand the topics, concepts, and sentiment associated with the video’s content. This allows videos to be programmatically analyzed and auctioned like other text-based web properties.

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  • Native ad formats have been shown to improve performance by up to 300% in side-by-side comparison tests, driving higher rates for our publishers. AIX’s TruNative ad unit gives the publisher flexibility to either upload your own HTML/CSS template or perform server-side stitching of the ad.

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