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According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, consumers spend 70% of their time outside their homes. For healthcare marketers, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising represents an enormous opportunity: to strengthen omnichannel campaigns by reaching target audiences beyond their devices. Among its many benefits, DOOH advertising features non-skippable inventory that can be targeted in […]

There are two hurdles every healthcare marketer must face when launching a campaign. The first is finding a healthcare-specific demand-side platform (DSP) that addresses the complexities of advertising in the pharma space. The second is knowing how to get the most out of that platform and its capabilities. That’s why we created the DSP certification […]

It’s no easy feat for healthcare marketers to achieve the optimal audience mix for their campaigns. They must carefully select audience segments that are not only clinically relevant to the target condition but also cost-effective and scalable. However, it can take weeks or months into the campaign to determine the value and performance of these […]

There are more than 20,000 prescription drugs approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And yet, they all have one big thing in common: Driving script performance is a goal of theirs. Pharma advertisers need fast, transparent, actionable measurement. This provides timely insights and powers the automatic, real-time optimizations that enable them […]

Healthcare marketers are looking for deeper, more actionable insights to inform how their campaigns are performing. While clicks and impressions are useful digital metrics for showing the effectiveness of an ad in general, they aren’t the healthcare marketing campaign metrics that truly matter. Clicks and impressions don’t represent the real-world business implications of the ad’s […]

During my years on the agency side, understanding segmentation for patient audiences was one of my favorite parts of planning campaigns. We’d get personas from the brand that looked something like this. Mary, who is 35 to 54 years old, has Rheumatoid Arthritis and enjoys birdwatching. But because agencies generally don’t have access to claims […]

The pharmaceutical industry has long favored broadcast television. In fact, linear TV accounted for more than 70% of last year’s ad spend. That’s because linear TV campaigns work for the industry. Pharma advertisers need sight, sound, and motion. They need 60-second ad spots in order to include all the necessary regulatory information. But when it […]

More and more, we’re seeing brands across all industries embrace connected TV advertising and realize its benefits as a highly targeted, measurable advertising solution. This includes the pharmaceutical industry, albeit more gradually, given that linear TV has held a majority share of advertising budgets for so long. Video advertising has long served the pharma industry […]

Connected TV (CTV) is having a moment in the sun, which means advertisers are right there in the shadows. As the COVID-19 pandemic kept millions of people home with nowhere to go but Netflix and Hulu, CTV ads naturally increased as well. CTV ad spend increased 48.6% over 2020, according to eMarketer. As healthcare and […]

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