3 Ways to Enhance Your Pharma Strategy with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, consumers spend 70% of their time outside their homes. For healthcare marketers, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising represents an enormous opportunity: to strengthen omnichannel campaigns by reaching target audiences beyond their devices.

Among its many benefits, DOOH advertising features non-skippable inventory that can be targeted in relevant locations. One particular benefit is unique to pharma. DOOH ads can be served in geographic areas that tend to index higher for specific diseases and conditions.

DeepIntent recently partnered with Place Exchange, a leading provider of programmatic out-of-home advertising, to help pharma advertisers take advantage of all DOOH has to offer. With this collaboration, marketers can tap into Place Exchange’s extensive network of premium DOOH media, spanning digital billboards, transit shelters, retail kiosks, and more.

How might you enhance your pharma advertising strategy with DOOH? Here are three ideas.

1. Extend the reach of your Patient Modeled Audiences.

DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences (PMA) enable pharma advertisers to reach highly qualified patient audiences with speed and precision in a privacy-safe way. When combined with Place Exchange’s high-indexing DOOH inventory, your PMAs will supercharge your campaign reach.

Using audience location mapping based on your DeepIntent PMA, Place Exchange determines an audience index for every screen across their inventory network. Targeting your DOOH ads to modeled audiences in these areas can help increase audience quality and improve your programmatic campaign performance.

2. Target healthcare providers at medical conferences.

Medical conferences provide prime opportunities to reach relevant HCPs beyond their devices and office settings. By strategically placing DOOH ads in conference venues and nearby hotels, airports, and pathways, advertisers can effectively surround HCPs with messaging that’s important to them throughout the event. Additionally, you can maximize conference reach by combining DOOH with HCP-targeted digital campaigns before and after the event.

3. Connect with patients in point-of-care locations.

Reaching patients in healthcare settings is an ideal way to inform them about potential treatments to seek. Seeing these ads when they are already in a health-focused mindset, especially before an appointment, can increase the likelihood that they’ll discuss the treatment with their doctor.

DOOH placements on TVs and digital displays in doctors’ offices and retail health locations can help drive awareness, but they also go a step further. They help associate your brand with the trusted medical professionals and pharmacists your target consumers rely on.

Want to learn more about DeepIntent’s digital out-of-home capabilities? Contact your account manager for more information.

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