Precision. Speed. Privacy.

Reach highly-qualified patient audiences using custom models and the most comprehensive real-world clinical datasets.

Now up to 7X more effective in predicting patient conditions.

Patient Modeled Audiences are fully customized at no additional cost

User Authentication


Unique audiences based on campaign-specific claims codes

Via Patient Planner or managed service



Full visibility into the audience creation
View model inputs and propensity scores


Immediate activation
within DeepIntent’s
Plan, activate, measure and optimize within one platform


Patented technology designed to protect patient privacy
HIPAA-certification for every audience model

DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform

Are you ready to see the platform in action?

DeepIntent Rapidly Accelerates Reach to Precise Patient Populations While Maximizing Efficiency

With custom Patient Modeled Audiences, exclusive Patient Reach Guarantee, and DeepIntent Outcomes™, DeepIntent exceeded the guaranteed verified patient reach 2x faster than expected, and lowered cost-per-verified-patient by 50%.

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Case Studies
Case Study: DeepIntent Outcomes™ (Verified Patient Reach and Efficiency)
Sun Pharma and its agency of record Fingerpaint wanted to raise awareness for ILUMYA, and sought out a digital media solution capable of accelerating patient...
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Precision meets patient privacy
Blog Post
Precision Meets Privacy: How DeepIntent Goes Beyond HIPAA to Help Inform Patients at Scale While Protecting Their Privacy
Efficiently marketing to sufferers of rare diseases while preserving patient privacy is not an easy task — but it’s an important one, especially when lives...
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Press Release
DeepIntent Receives Patent for Technology that Enables Marketers to Reach Precise Patient Populations in a HIPAA-Compliant, Privacy-Safe Manner
DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences Solution Uses Industry’s Most Comprehensive Real-World Clinical Datasets to Precisely Reach Patient Populations, Including Those Facing Rare Diseases and Low Prevalence...
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