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Last week marked the official launch of The DeepDive, a brand-new destination for health advertising insights, education, and community. The DeepDive shares actionable health intelligence while exploring the topics and trends that matter most to our industry, including technology, privacy, identity, and more. Maybe you’re already familiar with our mission: to improve patient outcomes through […]

This year’s AdLab Health Marketing Summit culminated in a panel discussion about women in the health marketing industry, the challenges they’ve met, and opportunities for men and women alike to be there for their colleagues. “Redefining Leadership: Empowering Women in Health, Advertising, and Technology” was moderated by DeepIntent Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Kopp Johnson and […]

From accelerating drug discovery to powering advertising technology, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to positively impact health outcomes is taking our industry by storm. Maybe you’ve heard how AI will also revolutionize health advertising with improved personalization and better accuracy in campaign analytics. These advancements, however, are highly dependent on connected data, and many […]

In the fast-paced world of health marketing, leaders are on the hunt for innovations that improve their campaigns and patient outcomes. They know that strengthening a campaign means personalizing it. As a marketer, how do you achieve deeper personalization? This week’s AdLab Health Marketing Summit raised some bold ideas—and highlighted the collaboration needed to realize […]

For decades, traditional or linear TV has dominated the budgets of pharma advertisers. To meet industry recommendations developed decades ago, which call for audience sizes to be at least 10% of the targetable population, life sciences companies have turned to TV where it’s possible to reach millions at scale. But increasingly, healthcare marketers are moving […]

Pharma companies may have been a little slower in embracing connected TV (CTV) advertising than other verticals, but the industry is certainly making up for lost time. By now, CTV’s return on investment (ROI) is crystal clear. In fact, analytics consultancy Analytic Partners found that CTV ROI is 30% higher than that of other channels despite […]

Connected TV (CTV) is one of today’s fastest-growing digital advertising channels. As forecasted by eMarketer, total programmatic CTV ad spend is expected to reach $24.44 billion in 2024, a 23.1% increase year over year. In this same vein, the migration of viewers from linear TV to CTV will also continue to accelerate, leading more and […]

Connected TV (CTV) is one of the hottest channels available for advertising, with ad spending projected to reach $30.1 billion this year. However, in today’s fragmented TV landscape, plenty of confusion remains around what is CTV (and what is not). We’re here to help. Read on to learn what separates CTV from linear TV and […]

With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, new innovations in healthcare advertising seem to crop up every day. But it can be challenging for marketers navigating this ever-evolving landscape to determine which combination of platforms and solutions will improve pharma campaign performance in a way that translates to their real-world business objectives. With […]

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