DeepIntent Orchestrate™

Dynamically update HCP target lists with seamless platform integrations.

Streamline the coordination of marketing initiatives with relevant, personalized messaging.

  • Pull target lists based on platform integrations like Next Best Action/Engagement systems, CRM data, and third-party data
  • Push physician-level data (PLD) into third-party systems

The Flexibility You Need to Efficiently Coordinate HCP Digital Campaigns


Custom-build integrations, and tailor business rules and reporting based on your requirements.


Coordinate HCP digital campaigns across every channel and device, and automate daily or weekly audiences based on third-party platforms.


Personalize messaging to the right HCP based on third-party engagement while receiving a daily feed of PLD.

Client Success

Integrating With Leading Pharmaceutical Companies’ CRM Systems to Amplify Email Marketing via Digital Media

DeepIntent automated and amplified email marketing efforts by integrating into a CRM platform, pushing PLD back to the client’s data warehouse on a daily basis.

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Integrating With a Next Best Engagement System to Determine Personalized Messaging for Each HCP

To determine personalized messaging for each HCP, one major pharmaceutical company built a highly complex Next Best Engagement system. DeepIntent was the only programmatic partner integrated within this system.

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Using Third-Party Data to Identify HCPs Who Have Patients With Specific Lab Results in Real Time

Learn how DeepIntent helped a leading pharmaceutical company reach relevant HCPs in real time based on patients’ lab data.

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