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With the rapid rise of streaming in recent years, it’s a common misconception that older audiences are still spending the majority of their viewing time with linear TV — a belief that has kept most pharma advertising investments focused on traditional channels. As one of the most important demographics for pharma, we set out to […]

CTV is changing how advertising is targeted, sold, and delivered, but how do patients feel about the new technology? Unlike smartphones and tablets, CTV hasn’t required people to become comfortable with new technology; the ads are delivered on the same TV sets people have known forever. We conducted research exploring whether patients understand that they’re […]

Apple and Mozilla have already deprecated third-party cookies and when Google follows suit in 2024, the third-party cookie will have all but crumbled. That may sound daunting, but it’s ultimately good news for healthcare marketers because with or without third-party cookies, addressable advertising is here to stay. We’ve partnered […]

How do patients feel about connected TV? We teamed up with LG Ads Solutions to find out. We surveyed nearly 3,000 of them about how they view linear TV vs. connected TV, and compared their answers to what automated content recognition (ACR) data from smart TVs can tell us about their actual viewing behaviors between […]

We surveyed patients to understand how pharmaceutical ads can influence the decisions they make about their health in a time when advertisers are challenged with reaching the right consumers with relevant messages across screens and devices. Learn how to make your pharmaceutical ads more memorable and actionable to better engage patients and help them make […]

DeepIntent Outcomes™ enabled one leading healthcare media agency and its largest pharma client to coordinate HCP and patient media, driving 35% higher TRx. Download Now

We surveyed patients to understand how informative and relevant they consider pharmaceutical ads, how these ads inform their decision-making and overall health and wellness journeys, and more. Learn how to strengthen your pharmaceutical ad performance and better educate patients about conditions and treatment options. Complete the form to receive an email to download our research […]

The programmatic space is evolving rapidly, nowhere more so than in healthcare. Fortunately, advertisers have more options than ever to reach both patients and providers. Jacob Lustig, VP of Programmatic Platforms and Media Innovations at Klick Health, discusses how healthcare advertisers can do so in a brand-safe, privacy-compliant way.

Ray Rosti, chief digital officer of healthcare marketing agency Publicis Health Media, explains how health brands are overcoming the modern ailment of COVID-19.

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