Product Overview: Patient Attributes with DeepIntent Outcomes™

Learn more about your audience in real time with DeepIntent Outcomes. Fully understand patient profiles based on script performance to improve your overall strategy and tactics.

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Product Overview
Product Overview: ACR Data and DeepIntent Outcomes™
DeepIntent is the only DSP with LG ACR direct data integration and real-time optimization towards audience quality and script performance, specifically for healthcare marketers. Download...
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DeepIntent Healthcare DSP Features and Benefits
Product Overview
Product Overview: Healthcare DSP Features and Benefits
Get familiar with some of the features and benefits of DeepIntent's healthcare DSP, including our automatic media optimizer algorithm, bid rejection optimization, and optimization strategies....
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New platform enhancements
Product Overview
Product Overview: New Platform Enhancements
With the release of three new platform enhancements, you can feel confident about planning, activating, measuring, and optimizing your CTV campaigns more effectively and efficiently....
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