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A pharmaceutical company looking to raise awareness for an app to help patients track, manage, and share information with doctors about their experiences living with Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) used DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences to reach custom patient audiences, driving 29 downloads of the app in 30 days. Download Now

A leading biotechnology company and its agency wanted to raise awareness for a leading specialty pharmacy drug. They looked to DeepIntent Outcomes™ to help grow their reach among verified patients and optimize the performance of their CTV and online video campaigns. Download Now

Launching a new drug for non-small cell lung cancer, one leading pharmaceutical company looking to reach relevant HCPs used DeepIntent Orchestrate™ to identify providers in real time based on patients with specific lab results. Download Now

A leading pharmaceutical brand looking to go beyond their existing specialty target list used DeepIntent Orchestrate™ to automate real-time triggers to extend messaging programmatically to HCPs based on their content engagement. Download Now

A major pharmaceutical company built out a Next Best Engagement (NBE) system to determine personalized messaging for each HCP, and used DeepIntent Orchestrate™ custom integration to extend messaging to the right HCPs at the right time. Download Now

For one leading pharmaceutical company looking to automate and amplify their email marketing efforts via digital media, DeepIntent Orchestrate™ enabled them to pull weekly target lists based on their CRM system and determine what content to send to HCPs following a visit from a representative. Download Now

DeepIntent’s Healthcare DSP delivered 9x ROI for one leading pharmaceutical company seeking to increase new patient starts for a prophylactic therapy drug that treats HAE. Download Now

For one biotechnology leader looking for a partner for ongoing campaign support, DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences delivered 30% higher Audience Quality compared with other partners. Download Now

Learn how one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies propelled the prevalence rate among newly diagnosed COPD patients to 7.7% with DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences. Download Now

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