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How do patients feel about connected TV? We teamed up with LG Ads Solutions to find out. We surveyed nearly 3,000 of them about how they view linear TV vs. connected TV, and compared their answers to what automated content recognition (ACR) data from smart TVs can tell us about their actual viewing behaviors between […]

Sun Pharma and its agency of record Fingerpaint wanted to raise awareness for ILUMYA, and sought out a digital media solution capable of accelerating patient reach while maximizing media efficiencies. Using Patient Modeled Audiences to plan their campaign and activate it across CTV, online video, and digital, as well as DeepIntent Outcomes to measure and […]

Looking to demonstrate how CTV enables advertisers to reach precise, clinically-relevant audiences more effectively than linear TV, DeepIntent conducted an analysis leveraging recent campaign data, automated content recognition (ACR) data, and DeepIntent Outcomes™. The study revealed that CTV delivers 82% higher on-target reach and 50% higher audience quality compared to linear TV. Download Now

Streaming is having a moment in the sun, and of course, advertisers are right there basking in its glow. We’ve seen a huge uptick in clients running connected TV (CTV) campaigns on our platform, and as healthcare advertisers increasingly embrace this exciting channel, we’re here to help them capitalize on its incredible value. We’ve written […]

We surveyed patients to understand how pharmaceutical ads can influence the decisions they make about their health in a time when advertisers are challenged with reaching the right consumers with relevant messages across screens and devices. Learn how to make your pharmaceutical ads more memorable and actionable to better engage patients and help them make […]

In this video, DeepIntent’s CEO and co-founder Chris Paquette shares how healthcare marketers can unlock the full potential of data-driven advertising and optimize their digital campaigns with real-world clinical data.

According to Insider Intelligence, Connected TV (CTV) investments grew by 40.6% year-over-year in the U.S. in 2020, and CTV advertising was among the fastest-growing digital advertising channels. It’s clear from these stats that marketers are benefitting from CTV ads. The benefits of CTV advertising are particularly significant for healthcare marketers. CTV offers healthcare marketers data-driven, […]

We have officially announced the launch of our newest innovation, Audience Marketplace, the first and only health data ecosystem featuring ready-to-activate and custom audience segments curated by leading digital health data providers and publishers — and it’s cookieless by design. We pride ourselves on our deep partnerships with the world’s most advanced, data-driven healthcare advertisers. […]

With its adaptive, AI-powered machine learning algorithms, DeepIntent Outcomes™ is proven to maximize verified patient reach to grow audience quality (AQ) at the lowest possible cost-per-verified patient (CPVP). Download Now

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