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Connected TV (CTV) is having a moment in the sun, which means advertisers are right there in the shadows. As the COVID-19 pandemic kept millions of people home with nowhere to go but Netflix and Hulu, CTV ads naturally increased as well. CTV ad spend increased 48.6% over 2020, according to eMarketer. As healthcare and […]

Even as advertising technology gets more intelligent, more data-driven, and more automated, achieving ad relevance is no easy task. It can be especially challenging for pharmaceutical companies looking to reach patients who might be in the market for a certain drug or treatment. When it comes to pharmaceutical ads, personalizing the connection with patients and […]

With little to do and nowhere to go, millions of people spent the majority of 2020 on the couch, toggling between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and once Netflix lost The Office, Peacock. When consumers embrace a channel, advertisers are sure to follow. From 2020 to 2021, Connected TV (CTV) ad spending grew 48%, one of the […]

In an industry as regulated as healthcare and pharma, preserving patient privacy is something that always needs to be top of mind. In this article for, CEO Chris Paquette writes about how advertisers can use privacy-safe machine learning to reach healthcare audiences. Read more here.

When it comes to patient marketing and the healthcare industry at large, privacy is of the utmost concern. As more and more health data gets generated each day, healthcare marketers need to be sure the solutions they’re using to reach patient audiences have been designed to protect their privacy and comply with HIPAA regulations. In […]

With RFP season fast approaching, I’m reflecting on my years on the agency side. Reviewing potential partners, we always looked for the typical asks: data-driven technology, reach, audience composition, innovation, measurement. After scouring RFPs, we would seek partners that really took time to understand the brief and come back with comprehensive recommendations. This RFP season, […]

Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally reached healthcare providers (HCPs) by sending sales representatives to their offices. But with the pandemic rendering that method impossible, marketing to HCPs required pharma brands to double down on digital advertising. Of course, marketing to HCPs is easier said than done, especially when it comes to reaching the right HCPs. When […]

Like any other piece of technology, DeepIntent Outcomes™ began with a problem. Pharmaceutical marketers didn’t have a solution for quickly measuring and optimizing their campaigns based on real-world clinical data, rather than front-end metrics such as clicks and impressions. So we set out to build one ourselves. Clinical Data and HIPAA-Compliance We got the idea […]

A veteran media planner, our Chief Strategy Officer Jen Werther explains why DeepIntent Outcomes™ is a must for healthcare marketing agencies. Before any client meeting, I like to provide insight into why we created the product I’m about to present. Who needs this solution and why? What business challenges and pain points are we solving? […]

Timely, highly relevant ads give healthcare marketers an incredible opportunity to provide patients with more relevant information, educating them about conditions and treatment options. Greater awareness strengthens the patient-provider relationship, empowering both to have more informed discussions about the patient’s health and wellness. These discussions underpin the formation of a partnership based on trust and […]

The very first pharmaceutical ad had a brief run. When Boots revolutionized healthcare marketing by airing the country’s first TV commercial for a prescription drug nearly 40 years ago — Rufen, a pain reliever brand name for ibuprofen — the federal government sent a cease-and-desist letter within 48 hours. The FDA hadn’t yet established guidelines […]

Less than a year after the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, businesses have found themselves experiencing déjà vu with the passing of Proposition 24, or the California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act (CPRA), during the recent election. The CPRA may seem overwhelming for those who just settled into their privacy compliance framework, […]

Yashina Burns, DeepIntent’s Director of Data Privacy & Legal Affairs, discusses how marketers can prepare for privacy laws such as California’s CPRA.

DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette discusses what the COVID-19 vaccine means for healthcare marketing, how vaccine marketing can boost adherence, and why empathy is a must. In the two months since Queens ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay became the first American to receive Pfizer’s long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine, more than 12% of people in the U.S. have gotten […]

    While some advertisers are looking toward a cookieless future, concerns remain about how Google’s FLoC technology and other solutions will change the targeting and measurement of digital advertising. In this article for Marketing Dive, DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette discusses the changing landscape for privacy and which marketing platforms will emerge with the right […]

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