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One early prediction for 2023? We’re going to hear a lot more chatter about going cookieless than there already is. One year closer to the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome — based on Google’s current deadline of 2024 — the clock is ticking for advertisers to put their plans into action and determine the […]

We’re back from another year at Digital Pharma East as the event’s proud marquee sponsor. Between a well received product announcement and another great party, our latest trip to Philadelphia was a smashing success. Of course, the content was the protagonist of the event, and there were particularly great insights around omnichannel healthcare marketing, data […]

During my years on the agency side, understanding segmentation for patient audiences was one of my favorite parts of planning campaigns. We’d get personas from the brand that looked something like this. Mary, who is 35 to 54 years old, has Rheumatoid Arthritis and enjoys birdwatching. But because agencies generally don’t have access to claims […]

Commonly abbreviated as DSPs, demand side platforms connect to many supply side platforms, where digital advertising is bought and sold in real-time through automated auctions. A previous DeepIntent Deep Dive covered what a DSP is and what to look for when selecting one. Today, we’re going to go more specific and answer the question, “What […]

With Google on track to deprecate third-party cookies in Chrome in 2024, marketers are getting ready for the cookieless future. But as Joanna Burton — Chief Strategy Officer for ID5, a DeepIntent identity partner – points out, we’re already living in a cookieless present. Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla have already blocked third-party cookies in their […]

The pharmaceutical industry has long favored broadcast television. In fact, linear TV accounted for more than 70% of last year’s ad spend. That’s because linear TV campaigns work for the industry. Pharma advertisers need sight, sound, and motion. They need 60-second ad spots in order to include all the necessary regulatory information. But when it […]

The rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape is forcing healthcare agencies to rethink their strategies for long-term success. Agencies should be connecting the dots from planning and activation to measurement and optimization; utilizing first-party data for identity and measurement in the wake of third-party cookie deprecation; and identifying top talent to help accelerate the path to […]

For years, the majority of pharma advertising dollars have been allocated toward linear TV. Digital advertising, including connected TV advertising, has become only more prominent as a result of the pandemic, when pharma companies needed an alternative to sending sales reps in person to inform physicians about new treatments. While linear TV may have worked […]

In a first for DeepIntent, we hosted “Innovating with Intent: A Pharma-Focused CTV Forum,” an event focused exclusively on CTV advertising insights for pharma. Over the course of the half-day conference, thought leaders from the worlds of pharma, CTV, and ad tech came together to discuss the opportunities presented by CTV to reach healthcare provider […]

Data is an essential component of any advertising strategy, and health data is especially valuable for pharma companies who want to reach relevant healthcare providers and patient audiences. As one of our Audience Marketplace data partners, ShareThis is working hard to deliver the most reliable, real-time healthcare data in a privacy-safe way. Today, ShareThis Director […]

A particularly hot topic at the moment, privacy is a core pillar of healthcare advertising. It is important for both pharma marketers and consumers to know that any health data is both well-protected and in the right hands. Thankfully for pharma marketers — who are already required to follow stringent regulations like HIPAA — there […]

More and more, we’re seeing brands across all industries embrace connected TV advertising and realize its benefits as a highly targeted, measurable advertising solution. This includes the pharmaceutical industry, albeit more gradually, given that linear TV has held a majority share of advertising budgets for so long. Video advertising has long served the pharma industry […]

Commonly abbreviated as DSP, a demand side platform allows digital advertisers to run campaigns across various publishers and media sources. Ads are purchased — and later, optimized — through an automated process. There are many benefits to using a demand side platform. But before we get into those, let’s review the basics of what these […]

Toward the end of every year, I call upon my leadership team to reflect on the year that has passed and the future of our business in the year ahead. Last quarter marked the fifth time I’ve hosted this exercise. Each year, without fail, I find the pace of innovation happening in our “little” – […]

2021 was an exciting year for DeepIntent. To name just a few achievements, we celebrated our fifth anniversary in April, grew our employee headcount from 50 to 180 people across the U.S. and India, and won multiple awards for leadership, product innovation, and even company of the year! While it’s important to celebrate these milestones […]

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