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How to Reach & Engage HCPs [Infographic]
DeepIntent's end-to-end HCP advertising platform launched in 2019. Since then, it gained industry recognition for innovation, and has consistently outperformed other...
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Publishers Gain Three First-Time Benefits from One Unified Platform
DeepIntent's Healthcare Marketplace is strengthening the publisher and advertiser relationship, and providing these 3 game-changing benefits to sellers
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Finding Ways to Engage HCPs as the COVID-19 Pandemic Persists
As COVID-19 persists, healthcare marketers are carefully considering HCP advertising and communications. Chris Paquette sat down with PM360 Magazine to discuss the programmatic...
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Data & Tech Usage in a Privacy-First World
DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, spoke with Pharmaceutical Exec Magazine about the evolution of digital marketing for pharma, and opportunities for HCP and DTC marketers...
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Introducing DeepIntent's New Brand Identity
DeepIntent launched its new brand identity today, marking the first change to the company's branding since it was founded in 2016. Co-Founder & CEO, Chris Paquette, explains...
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Data for Good: How Data is Shaping the Future of Healthcare
DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, joined ProjectNEXT host, Brian Martin, to discuss how data is shaping the future of healthcare, and our mission to build a marketing...
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Can Healthcare Ads Improve Patient Lives? We think so
DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, joined Enterprise Radio and host Eric Dye to talk about DeepIntent's charge to create marketing technology that improves patient health...
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