Place ads in front of interested users next to the content most relevant to your brand
Place ads in front of interested users next to the content most relevant to your brand
Context Matters

DeepIntent's state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence understands the relationships between over 300 million products, places, people, things, and events that are most relevant to your brand. Our platform combines these vast conceptual insights with unprecedented sentiment recognition to build unique, brand-specific (and brand-safe) contextual targets for each advertiser. All with zero user input.

Competitor Contextual -vs- DeepIntent Contextual
Dynamic Ad Creative
Brand Protection

With this unprecedented level of targeting granularity, DeepIntent is making brands rethink their approach to programmatic display while driving higher performance and efficiency in ad spend.

Unprecedented Performance

Real-time insights into the concepts and content that are most valuable to your brand.

Explore, analyze, and pivot your data to see performance at unparalleled levels of granularity, all within our beautifully simple reporting interface.

Unique Engagement
  • Advertisers leverage DeepIntent’s state-of-the-art targeting capabilities to improve their current ad buying campaigns. DeepIntent supports all Standard IAB Display formats for ad units that cover Desktop, Mobile Web, and Mobile App.

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  • DeepIntent has forged premium publisher partnerships that give our advertisers access to highly performing native ad placements across 1,000+ websites. Native allows publishers to seamlessly integrate your ad within the styling of their website, substantially increasing ad unit effectiveness and performance.

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  • In addition to Standard IAB Display and Native ad units, DeepIntent gives our advertisers the ability to access premium video inventory. Utilizing our top notch targeting capabilities, advertisers can run In-Stream and Pre Roll Video ads on our platform.

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Extensive Reach & Scale
Access to All Premier Exchanges
50+ Billion Daily Impressions
Inventory from 150+ Countries

DeepIntent's private and public marketplaces—delivered.
Get access to a diverse portfolio of content inventory and a unique user base with interests across every vertical.

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