5 Ways We’re Shaping the Future of Healthcare Advertising for Pharma

2022 was another action-packed year for DeepIntent, one marked by several key initiatives that have undoubtedly set the foundation for the future of healthcare advertising. Considering the larger advertising landscape and how it continues to evolve, we have a responsibility to foresee where the pharma industry is headed. That way, we can pave the way forward with game-changing solutions built purposefully for healthcare marketers.

Looking back on the last year, here are five strides we’ve made in advancing the future of healthcare advertising for pharma.

1. Revolutionizing the way patient campaigns are planned.

The DeepIntent Health Advertising Platform was built purposefully for healthcare marketers, enabling them to plan, activate, measure, and optimize their campaigns all in one place. With one data-driven planning tool for healthcare provider (HCP) campaigns already in our arsenal, we set our sights on expanding those same capabilities for patient campaigns in 2022.

In September, we officially launched Patient Planner, the only tool that unifies medical and pharmacy claims within a healthcare DSP for on-demand patient audience creation and real-time campaign planning. Patient Planner enables healthcare marketers to explore patient populations, project addressable audiences, and forecast cross-channel reach in real-time based on their brand objectives. This ultimately allows for faster, easier, and more transparent campaign planning.

2. Delivering the industry’s fastest measurement.

As evidenced by the conversations at Digital Pharma East, omnichannel will play a huge role in the future of healthcare advertising. With so many ways to reach HCP and patient audiences today, marketers need a reliable way to measure their campaign performance to ensure their advertising messages are not only reaching the right people across multiple touchpoints but also driving real-world results.

As part of the evolution of DeepIntent Outcomes, our platform now features measurement capabilities that enable healthcare marketers to measure the real-world effectiveness of their entire media plan across all channels — including linear TV, connected TV, social media, search, website, email, and more. With the industry’s fastest measurement solution, they can measure and optimize their campaigns for audience quality and script lift, powered by the industry’s most comprehensive healthcare data sources, updated daily.

3. Establishing connected TV as the future of healthcare advertising.

The importance of connected TV (CTV) advertising cannot be overstated, and it’s why CTV has been a central theme in all of our work over the last year. Even as viewers continue to cut the cord and move away from traditional TV in favor of streaming — with 46% of U.S. adults consuming CTV content daily — the healthcare industry has been slower to embrace CTV in combination with its linear TV investment.

Believing that CTV is the future of healthcare advertising, we made it our top priority in 2022 to educate the marketplace about the benefits of CTV for pharma — so much so that we hosted the industry’s first pharma-focused CTV forum, Innovating with Intent, in May. The centerpiece of that event was our research findings from a study conducted with LG Ad Solutions. By evaluating patients’ attitudes toward linear TV vs. CTV, and how their viewing activity actually compares between the two (with more than half of respondents watching CTV over linear), we were able to drive home why CTV is an absolute must for reaching healthcare audiences going forward.

4. Powering our platform with the most comprehensive healthcare data.

In addition to our patented solutions, our data is one of the key differentiators of our DSP. This real-world clinical data helps pharmaceutical marketers ensure consistency across all of their marketing and advertising initiatives.

In 2022, we saw two major expansions regarding our data partnerships. First, in July, we announced the addition of several more leading data providers to Audience Marketplace, allowing for easy activation of hundreds of patient and HCP audience segments within our DSP. Second, we began powering our HCP Planner with IQVIA data, pharma’s most trusted data source. By integrating this data into the DeepIntent platform, we enable marketers to use the same NPI data from their direct sales and marketing outreach for end-to-end campaign planning, activation, and daily provider-level data (PLD) reporting. Ultimately, this data will help us continue to blaze the trail for the future of healthcare advertising.

5. Setting the stage for more integrated HCP and DTC campaigns in the future.

As advertising technology gets smarter, and the power to optimize much greater, we’ll begin to see more opportunities to coordinate campaigns between HCP and patient audiences. Over the last year, we’ve been able to test the effectiveness of a combined approach with several clients, activating campaigns across channels like CTV, display, and online video, and optimizing for real-world outcomes like audience quality and script lift. Particularly, in one case study, we partnered with a pharma brand and their agency-of-record Matterkind to demonstrate the impact of an integrated, cross-channel HCP and DTC campaign on script performance.

Using Outcomes to optimize their campaign, Matterkind saw prescribing rates from HCPs increase by 10% after campaign exposure, and patients were 225% more likely to follow through in filling their prescriptions. Overall, the campaign grew prescriptions by 12 times while reducing the cost-per-script by 60%. By serving advertising messages to both audiences in a more coordinated fashion, the results speak for themselves, so there’s no doubt we’ll see more integrated campaigns like this in the future.

Want a preview of what to expect in 2023? Download our latest whitepaper for our top insights, predictions, and more.

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