Making CTV Advertising Possible for Pharma Marketers

More and more, we’re seeing brands across all industries embracing connected TV advertising and coming to realize its benefits as a highly targeted, measurable advertising solution. This includes the pharmaceutical industry, albeit at a more gradual pace, given that linear TV has held a majority share of advertising budgets for so long.

Video advertising has long served the pharma industry well. In just sixty seconds, an ad can inform and educate consumers about a medical condition, as well as a potential treatment for it, in an easy-to-digest way. But with linear TV’s wider reach, it isn’t always guaranteed that the ad will be seen by its intended audience, especially when it comes to promoting treatments for rarer conditions.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a panel hosted by VideoNuze about how programmatic is powering CTV advertising in 2022. During that conversation, I discussed how DeepIntent is making CTV advertising more accessible for pharma marketers who have to navigate strict privacy regulations in order to use real-world health data to reach clinically relevant patient audiences.

If you’re thinking of shifting some of your linear TV dollars to CTV, here are three highlights from that discussion to consider.

1. Expanding our platform to include CTV advertising was a must.

More than a year before the pandemic, DeepIntent launched a planning tool to reach healthcare providers (HCPs) that bridges clinical data and health data with programmatic display and online video advertising. Then, when the pandemic hit and pharma sales reps were no longer able to educate HCPs about new treatments in-person, that confirmed how well digital advertising could fulfill that need.

As we observed the evolution of the streaming TV landscape throughout 2020, and knowing CTV advertising could also be programmatically traded, we felt it was a no-brainer to extend our platform into CTV as another way to reach both HCPs and patient audiences. In addition to building the industry’s first CTV Healthcare Marketplace, which enables us to reach 80% of all CTV households, we also partnered with LG Ads Solutions to bring the supply side closer to the demand side, giving pharma marketers priority and exclusive access to CTV inventory across 20 million CTV households nationwide.

2. CTV is privacy-safe and combines all the benefits of digital with video advertising.

When it comes to matters related to identity, CTV is a great solution because it’s already cookieless by design. And on top of that, it’s highly targeted and measurable — light years ahead of linear TV — with the ability to programmatically deliver the right message to the right viewers using real-world data.

One of the main features of DeepIntent’s Healthcare Advertising Platform is its privacy-safe and HIPAA-compliant framework, which is an absolute must-have for healthcare marketers looking to target clinically relevant HCP and patient audiences. We also have our own patented measurement capability, which comes in handy for campaign optimization. When combined with LG Ads Solutions’ proprietary, first-party data and automated content recognition (ACR) data (all opted-in and privacy-compliant), pharma marketers can optimize their campaigns based on the metrics that matter most: audience quality and script performance.

3. The future promises to deliver more measurability at all stages of a CTV campaign.

It’s important to acknowledge that the CTV advertising industry still has a ways to go in terms of developing a seamless, integrated, cross-screen measurement and identity solution. But even so, CTV is the future, and the future looks promising.

One thing I’m looking forward to is not only building on the measurability of CTV for campaign optimization, but also incorporating measurement back into the planning process. Essentially, this would help us to guarantee performance and reach, and possibly even outcomes like script performance. But as I mentioned before, identity and measurement need to be seamless first. If we can accomplish that in 2022, which DeepIntent is well-positioned to do, it’s going to look good for pharma advertisers for the years to come.

To learn more about how you can capitalize on CTV advertising this year, download our latest whitepaper.

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