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Making CTV Advertising Possible for Pharma Marketers
More and more, we’re seeing brands across all industries embracing connected TV advertising and coming to realize its benefits as a highly targeted, measurable advertising...
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CEO Statement: DeepIntent’s Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Over the past week, we have shared in the horror of watching Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine unfold in real time. Central to this aggression is misinformation,...
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Parsing the Data Privacy Law Landscape: What Updates Mean for Advertisers and Consumers
The data privacy law landscape evolves constantly, which leaves us with two big questions: What does this mean for advertisers? And more importantly, how does it impact...
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The Most Powerful Healthcare Advertising Platform
DeepIntent is the most powerful healthcare advertising platform. Watch this video for an overview of our capabilities.
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Case Study: DeepIntent Demonstrates CTV’s Superiority for Pharmaceutical Marketers
Looking to demonstrate how CTV enables advertisers to reach precise, clinically-relevant audiences more effectively than linear TV, DeepIntent conducted an analysis leveraging...
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5 Tips for the First-Time Programmatic CTV Advertiser
Connected TV (CTV) is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising channels available today. As forecasted by eMarketer, total programmatic CTV ad spend is expected...
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Connected TV works 'harder and smarter' for the ad dollar, new analysis finds
As more and more people flock to streaming channels over traditional TV, pharma ad dollars are following them. In this article for Fierce Pharma, Chief Marketing Officer...
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Precision Meets Privacy: How DeepIntent Goes Beyond HIPAA to Help Inform Patients at Scale While Protecting Their Privacy
Efficiently marketing to sufferers of rare diseases while preserving patient privacy is not an easy task — but it’s an important one, especially when lives are on the...
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New Year, New DeepIntent: A Look at Our Brand Evolution
DeepIntent was founded in 2016 with a core belief that advertising technology can measurably improve the lives of patients. Since then, we’ve come a long way in both...
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