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Fluent Joins DeepIntent’s Audience Marketplace with Permissioned Data for Healthcare Marketers
Self-declared health and wellness data will enable more efficient cross-platform targeting initiatives NEW YORK, March 22, 2022 – Fluent, Inc., a leading data-driven,...
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DeepIntent Deep Dive: What Is Differential Privacy?
Privacy is a core pillar of healthcare advertising. Both pharma marketers and consumers alike want to know that any data used to deliver health information is both well...
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Case Study: DeepIntent Outcomes™ (Verified Patient Reach and Efficiency)
Sun Pharma and its agency of record Fingerpaint wanted to raise awareness for ILUMYA, and sought out a digital media solution capable of accelerating patient reach while...
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Product Overview: Healthcare DSP Features and Benefits
Get familiar with some of the features and benefits of DeepIntent’s healthcare DSP, including our automatic media optimizer algorithm, bid rejection optimization,...
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Three Considerations for Healthcare Marketers Switching from Linear TV to CTV
For decades, traditional or linear TV has dominated the budgets of healthcare marketers. To meet industry recommendations developed decades ago, which call for audience...
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Product Overview: New Platform Enhancements
With the release of three new platform enhancements, you can feel confident about planning, activating, measuring, and optimizing your CTV campaigns more effectively...
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Product Overview: Bring Your Own Audience
Make your third-party segments work smarter and faster. Our data-agnostic platform accepts all audiences so you can leverage our award-winning healthcare DSP and patented...
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Product Overview: Patient Attributes with DeepIntent Outcomes™
Learn more about your audience in real time with DeepIntent Outcomes. Fully understand patient profiles based on script performance to improve your overall strategy and...
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DeepIntent Expands Partnerships and Team to Lead Pharma's Dramatic CTV Advertising Shift
Strategic Hires and Promotions, Industry-Leading Platform, and Exclusive Partnerships Support the Future of Pharmaceutical Marketing NEW YORK, March 8, 2022 — DeepIntent,...
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