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Case Study: Patient Modeled Audiences (Prevalence Rate)
Learn how one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies propelled the prevalence rate among newly diagnosed COPD patients to 7.7% with DeepIntent’s...
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PM360 Announces Winners of The Seventh Annual ELITE Awards
    PM360 announced the winners of its 7th Annual ELITE Awards. In this article for PR Newswire, DeepIntent’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Paquette is...
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Outcomes Are Backbone of Healthcare Targeting: DeepIntent CSO Jen Werther
Our Chief Strategy Officer Jen Werther discusses the importance of speed when measuring healthcare marketing outcomes, which are the backbone of targeting.
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Complex Networks, Harvard Business Review and In The Know are 2021 Digiday Media Awards nominees
    DeepIntent has been nominated for a Digiday Media Award. In this article in Digiday, DeepIntent is named as a contender against five other companies in...
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Chris Paquette of DeepIntent: How To Successfully Ride The Emotional Highs & Lows Of Being An Entrepreneur
    “Speaking to patients about their experiences really resonated with me. It helped me recognize the value programmatic advertising could unlock for...
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Product Overview: DeepIntent Healthcare Planner
Unleash the power of our unique data for 1.6M+ verified and opted-in healthcare professionals (HCPs) with DeepIntent’s patent-pending Healthcare Planner. Download...
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MM+M Podcast with DeepIntent
Long undervalued in healthcare, machine learning has the potential to add exponential value to the ecosystem. Speaking on the MM+M Podcast, CEO Chris Paquette joins executive...
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Data-Driven Marketing Boosts Campaign ROI: InStep Health’s Dan Wilmer
Dan Wilmer, EVP and Chief Product Officer at InStep Health, discusses the benefits of data-driven healthcare marketing and omnichannel campaigns.
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5 Reasons DeepIntent Outcomes Is a Must for Healthcare Marketing Agencies
A veteran media planner, our Chief Strategy Officer Jen Werther explains why DeepIntent Outcomes™ is a must for healthcare marketing agencies. Before any client meeting,...
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