Product Overview: Zero Fee Trading

DeepIntent’s zero fee trading incentive reduces the friction to transact deals together within our Healthcare Marketplace. Download Now…

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Product Overview: Eligibility Data

DeepIntent is the first DSP to leverage eligibility data to reach providers prior to scheduled patient appointments so relevant drug options are top-of-mind as treatment…

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5 Things Healthcare Marketers Need to Consider During RFP Season

With RFP season fast approaching, I’m reflecting on my years on the agency side. Reviewing potential partners, we always looked for the typical asks: data-driven…

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Product Overview: How DeepIntent Continues to Innovate for You

Our solutions play an important role in delivering health information to both HCPs and patients. See how we are continuing to innovate to measurably improve…

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3 Reasons You Need DeepIntent This RFP Season

Built purposefully for the unique needs of healthcare marketers like you, our platform is proven to increase script lift by up to 35%*…

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Product Overview: Patient Modeled Audiences

Reach highly-qualified patient audiences with speed and precision, in a transparent and privacy-compliant way. Download Now…

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Marketing to HCPs: Having the Right Data — and Using It Right

Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally reached healthcare providers (HCPs) by sending sales representatives to their offices. But with the pandemic rendering that method impossible, marketing to…

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Real-World Clinical Data and a Top Team: Building DeepIntent Outcomes

Like any other piece of technology, DeepIntent Outcomes™ began with a problem. Pharmaceutical marketers didn’t have a solution for quickly measuring and optimizing their campaigns…

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Case Study: New Patient Starts for Rare Disease Drug

DeepIntent’s Healthcare DSP delivered 9x ROI for one leading pharmaceutical company seeking to increase new patient starts for a prophylactic therapy drug that treats HAE.

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