This Week in Healthcare Marketing: Pay TV Subscribers Shift to Streaming, the Ad Industry Prepares for New Privacy Laws, COVID Vaccine Boosters Authorized for All Adults

Staying up to date on every healthcare marketing trend is easier said than done these days, which is why we’re curating a weekly digest with…

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DeepIntent Is Path For LG Ads’ ‘Quantum Leap’ In Pharma Marketing

DeepIntent announced a new partnership with LG Ads Solutions granting DeepIntent exclusive rights as the only DSP healthcare advertisers can use to reach LG Ads…

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LG Ads Solutions Names DeepIntent Exclusive DSP for Healthcare CTV Ads

Connected TV (CTV) is having a moment in the sun, which means advertisers are right there in the shadows. As the COVID-19 pandemic kept millions…

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The Patient Perspective: Do Patients Find Pharmaceutical Ads Relevant?

Even as advertising technology gets more intelligent, more data-driven, and more automated, achieving ad relevance is no easy task. It can be especially challenging for…

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Real-World Outcomes: A Look at the Healthcare Marketing Campaign Metrics Driving Optimization at DeepIntent

Healthcare marketers are looking for deeper, more actionable insights to inform how their campaigns are performing. While clicks and impressions are useful digital metrics for…

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The Patient Perspective: Evaluating Ad Relevance and Personalization Amid Headwinds

We surveyed patients to understand how pharmaceutical ads can influence the decisions they make about their health in a time when advertisers are…

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Why Programmatic CTV Is a Must for Healthcare Marketers

With little to do and nowhere to go, millions of people spent the majority of last year on the couch, toggling between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+,…

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Product Overview: Audience Marketplace

Discover and reach clinically precise audiences with the industry’s first and only healthcare data marketplace. And it’s cookieless by design. Download Now…

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Digital Health Data and Digital Marketing: How Healthcare Marketers Can Unlock Opportunity at the Intersection

2020 was a landmark year for digital health companies. Investment topped $14 billion, a short-lived record; digital health funding totaled $15 billion…

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