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The Power of Positive Outcomes


VP Data & Digital Strategy, SSCG Media Group; An Omnicom Health Group Company


“Real-time clinical data is notoriously hard to come by because of lags in third-party measurement. This can make it challenging to act quickly; what could have been an actionable insight becomes a nice-to-know. DeepIntent Outcomes is an innovative solution that makes it possible to optimize campaigns more efficiently and effectively while helping us understand HCP and/or Patient behaviors in a more holistic way."


Plan With Comprehensive Real-World Clinical Data

Healthcare marketers often have to rely on NPI lists and third-party segments, which limits reach and efficiency. The DeepIntent platform is integrated with the most comprehensive real-world clinical data, empowering you to plan and build qualified, campaign-specific segments to connect with 1.6M+ verified and opted-in HCPs and 300M+ patients, all in a HIPAA-compliant way. 

Healthcare marketers often experience data loss, planning campaigns in one platform and activating them in another. DeepIntent’s unified platform enables you to activate campaigns immediately across every channel and device within curated, premium, brand-safe inventory from thousands of endemic and non-endemic media partners. 

Healthcare marketers often struggle to go beyond clicks and impressions, and optimize their campaigns toward the metrics that matter. DeepIntent is the first and only DSP proven to drive higher-script performance through the use of real-world clinical data, automatically optimizing live campaigns daily — not months after they end. 

*As proven in beta.

Activate Seamlessly Across Curated Premium Inventory

Measure and Optimize Toward 3 Business Outcomes in Real Time

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The DeepIntent Healthcare DSP is proven to increase script lift by up to 35%*. Ours is the first and only platform to uniquely combine real-world clinical data, premium media partnerships, and custom integrations to reach patients and providers across every channel and device. 

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