Publishers Gain Three First-Time Benefits from One Unified Platform

To no one’s surprise, digital content is being created and consumed at a record pace, with healthcare content as the clear front-runner. But more content doesn’t necessarily mean more advertising opportunities.

Healthcare brands are increasingly reluctant to place ads within content related to the COVID-19 crisis. This is particularly true for advertisers targeting healthcare professionals (HCPs). Over the past few months, our advertising partners have pulled back on targeting physicians, nurses, and specialists across non-endemic, lifestyle sites. Instead, advertisers are seeking placement on sites that engage HCPs based on professional interest – i.e. endemic content directly related to medicine, pharmaceuticals, and academic research in biology/physiology.

Healthcare publishers with this coveted endemic inventory should be thrilled about the spike in demand, right?

Well, yes… if they have the proper tools to effectively monetize their inventory among high-quality buyers (advertisers). Just like advertisers, publishers need to prioritize ad relevance and positive brand association – it’s a two-way street.

But the programmatic ecosystem – especially as it pertains to healthcare – does little to foster publisher and advertiser collaboration. Until now, that is.

Earlier this week, DeepIntent launched the first-ever unified and collaborative digital marketplace for healthcare advertising. It enables advertisers (buyers, including brands and agencies) and publishers (sellers) to collaborate in a transparent, brand-safe, and data-rich environment.

It’s worth unpacking these 3 terms, because for sellers, DeepIntent’s Healthcare Marketplace offers first-time benefits:

  • Transparency: sellers and buyers create direct, transparent relationships, made possible through our approach to mutual discovery, negotiations, and fees. In no uncertain terms, publishers know exactly who they are transacting with (at both the advertiser and agency level). Publishers see and negotiate advertiser targeting and pricing, and know exactly how much they’ll be paid for each transaction (net terms).
  • Brand Safety: it’s of utmost importance that ads running on publishers’ sites are relevant to their audience. Publishers that participate in our Healthcare Marketplace are in full control. They can choose to accept or refuse any advertiser or campaign. This full discretion is paramount to maintaining a positive publisher brand identity.
  • Data-Rich Environment: the Healthcare Marketplace is a closed ecosystem with a built-in, proprietary identity graph. DeepIntent only allows 1:1 publisher and advertiser transactions, meaning DeepIntent will not integrate with other DSPs to ensure utmost protection of publishers’ data and audiences. Publishers can safely and securely use their first-party data alongside DeepIntent’s data assets to verify their audiences against advertisers’ target lists. This further confirms brand-fit between buyer and seller, and also makes for far more lucrative transactions.

The future of all digital advertising – healthcare advertising included – relies on superior, sustainable solutions that promote publisher and advertiser collaboration. Our Healthcare Marketplace does just that so both parties can solve the problems of today (like how to reach qualified HCPs within relevant, endemic inventory), while laying the groundwork for tomorrow.

Learn more about our Healthcare Marketplace (or request a demo!)

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