Improve Patient Outcomes With DeepIntent Outcomes™

Timely, highly relevant ads give healthcare marketers an incredible opportunity to provide patients with more relevant information, educating them about conditions and treatment options. Greater awareness strengthens the patient-provider relationship, empowering both to have more informed discussions about the patient’s health and wellness. These discussions underpin the formation of a partnership based on trust and centered on the patient’s needs, which ultimately yields better adherence and patient outcomes.

To that end, I’m excited to announce the launch of DeepIntent Outcomes™, the latest addition to our award-winning platform. The launch of DeepIntent Outcomes represents the culmination of four years of innovation in healthcare marketing to unify campaign planning, activation, measurement and optimization.

For the first time ever, healthcare marketers can measure and algorithmically optimize live campaigns toward real-world business outcomes, such as audience quality, diagnosed patient visits, and script lift. During our beta testing period, a top pharmaceutical company found that Outcomes drove script lift by up to 35%.

Why DeepIntent Outcomes Matters

Earlier this year, DeepIntent surveyed patients to better understand how they feel about pharmaceutical advertising, and how it impacts their health and wellness journeys. Our research found that patients are more likely to adhere to treatment recommendations for something they recognize from advertising. That finding highlights healthcare marketers’ opportunity to coordinate campaigns that expose patients and providers to the same information, resulting in better patient outcomes.

We proved this with a case-control study in partnership with a leading healthcare agency and one of its largest pharmaceutical clients. The study leveraged Outcomes to coordinate and measure the combined effect of healthcare provider (HCP) and patient marketing on total scripts filled. In this study, we observed the highest script lift in cases where both the patient and their provider were exposed prior to the visit: a 2x improvement in script lift over cases where only the HCP was exposed.

Aided by the industry’s most comprehensive, timely, and actionable datasets, Outcomes enables marketers to go beyond clicks and impressions, and zero in on the metrics that matter. Daily data refreshes give marketers the confidence to know their campaigns are optimized toward real-world business outcomes, yielding better patient outcomes as well.

How DeepIntent Outcomes Can Impact Patient Outcomes

Most healthcare marketers require multiple vendors to activate and measure campaigns, which presents many challenges. These include latency, waste, inaccuracies in data definitions, and imprecise optimizations. With Outcomes, marketers gain deeper insights and richer signals, ultimately able to assess campaigns in real time, rather than months after they end. As a result, they can be more proactive with their marketing investments.

To improve patient outcomes, our platform measures how key campaign parameters — audience, media, and messaging, for example — are driving scripts. Every aspect of campaign performance is considered and auto-optimized by our privacy-safe machine learning algorithms, which select the optimal creative, frequency, context, and locations to serve ads and more. The result: Lower costs and unprecedented ROI.

The optimization algorithms also help uncover unexpected insights in real time. For example, ad creative may skew too male and need more testing in the online environment. Insights like that, learnings that don’t come with standard third-party measurement solutions, are an integral part of what makes DeepIntent Outcomes so different and so important for our clients.

We mobilized the best of the best to build this product. I’ve had the incredible experience of working hands-on with our engineering, analytics, product, marketing, sales, agency partners, and client teams to make this a reality. In short, it took a village to get here. At DeepIntent, our core belief is that marketing technology can measurably improve the lives of patients. As we bring that mission to life, DeepIntent Outcomes represents a big day for not only our company but also the future of the healthcare industry and patient outcomes.

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