DeepIntent Unveils Operating System to Power Pharmaceutical Advertising for CTV Publishers and Platforms

DeepIntent Operating System (DeepIntent OS) allows publishers and platforms to integrate the company’s technology and data into their own media portfolios, improving performance for their pharma campaigns

NEW YORK, June 5, 2023 — DeepIntent, the leading healthcare advertising technology company built to influence better patient health and business outcomes, announced the launch of the DeepIntent Operating System (DeepIntent OS), which gives connected TV (CTV) publishers and platforms access to the company’s comprehensive suite of audience, measurement, and optimization solutions designed to improve pharmaceutical advertising performance.

The pharma advertising category is experiencing exponential growth, but without category-specific tools, expertise, and solutions, not all publishers are well-positioned to seize the opportunity. Moreover, publishers face significant gaps in campaign performance insights, as performance reports are typically delivered post-campaign, if at all. This lack of visibility and real-time information limits in-flight optimizations that would improve the performance of pharma campaigns.

With DeepIntent OS, publishers can now seamlessly integrate the engine behind DeepIntent’s award-winning platform into their existing media offerings. With turnkey, pharma-specific targeting, measurement, and optimization capabilities, DeepIntent OS delivers performance specifically tailored to help publishers drive pharma outcomes such as patient reach, audience quality, and script lift. This transparent, outcomes-based approach translates into significant real-world business results for pharma companies while also enabling publishers to defend and grow revenue from the fast-growing pharma category.

Leading platforms, original equipment managers (OEMs), and programmers are seeing strong results from DeepIntent OS. In a comparative study, campaigns leveraging DeepIntent OS’s full suite of targeting, measurement, and optimization capabilities outperformed non-DeepIntent OS campaigns. The DeepIntent OS-powered campaigns delivered 4.2x higher audience quality while verified patient reach increased by over 2.6x.

“For platforms and publishers to unlock the full potential of their inventory, they need flexibility, transparency, control, and outcomes-driven optimization. We’ve launched DeepIntent OS to give them those tools to help them thrive in the complex pharma landscape. As DeepIntent continues to drive innovation, we remain committed to harnessing technology to connect patients and providers with the right information to drive better health outcomes,” said Chris Paquette, Founder and CEO of DeepIntent.

Publisher solutions labeled “powered by DeepIntent” will present advertisers with the confidence that their media investments are fueled by real-time intelligence designed to drive campaign performance. The company will be announcing additional publisher partners powered by DeepIntent OS over the coming weeks.


About DeepIntent
With a core belief that advertising technology can measurably improve the lives of patients, DeepIntent is leading the healthcare advertising industry into the future. Built purposefully for the healthcare industry, the DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform is proven to drive higher audience quality and script performance with patented technology and the industry’s most comprehensive health data. DeepIntent is trusted by 600+ pharmaceutical brands and all the leading healthcare agencies to reach the most relevant healthcare provider and patient audiences across all channels and devices. For more information, visit or find us on LinkedIn.

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