My Career Journey at DeepIntent: Carrie Craigmyle

As Director of Talent Acquisition at DeepIntent, I’m excited to kick off a new series that will showcase the phenomenal talent at DeepIntent, offering insight into the career journeys that led them here, as well as the ways they’re making an impact at the company.

To start us off, I had the pleasure of sitting down with our fantastic SVP of Strategy and Client Success, Carrie Craigmyle, to discuss her incredible 20+ year career, what inspires her, and what her experience has been like at DeepIntent over the past two years.

What initially brought you to DeepIntent?

Spending most of my career focused on client management on the agency side, and experiencing all of the innovation through media (programmatic, technology), I wanted to be more engulfed in the evolution of the industry and involved in the nuts and bolts of the change that was happening.

I wanted to learn more about tech within pharma, and came to a point in my career where it felt like the right time to explore a new opportunity and join DeepIntent, which offered me a whole new vision into the world of pharma and technology and working with clients.

I felt like I could put my experience to work at DeepIntent and have a lasting impact while continuing to have a stake in the shift of the industry, bringing knowledge and education to my internal team and external clients. I always knew I wanted to go to the vendor side, and in the summer of 2020 there was a strategy opening at DeepIntent, which was a whole new side of the business.

What was exciting to me was working in ad tech at a startup within a sales-driven organization. Making the jump seemed like the right move, and two years later, it is the best decision I have ever made!

What parts of your job inspire you every day? What are you most passionate about in your day-to-day work?

Being at a company like DeepIntent, the exposure to product and engineering and working across all internal departments allows me to see what it takes to get things done. I learn something new everyday, what our capabilities are, and how we are changing products and addressing marketplace needs. DeepIntent is constantly changing and pivoting in a positive way, and it is inspiring to be part of that change. The company is product and tech driven, and being part of the industry allows us to remain nimble in the marketplace.

The Client Success team is really revenue driven. Understanding how we work with each other across Sales, Analytics, and Client Success is inspiring due to being part of the growth and truly being in lockstep with one another. No one team could succeed alone, collaboration is key!

The immense amount of teamwork is also inspiring to me. Teams coming together, building trust, and being able to overcome challenges together allows us to win and be successful.

My experience leading teams, being able to see the growth of the team, implement processes, provide training, and see the overall success is what I am passionate about. Supporting the team, inspiring, and promoting growth to allow people to be their best selves. The people at DeepIntent are awesome and motivate you to do your best.

As you’ve grown in your career at DeepIntent, what have been your keys to success?

One of my keys to success was starting in a strategy-focused role, which allowed me to understand products and people, and gave me exposure to the entire company. This also gave me a real understanding of what Sales is up against in the marketplace. My background in pharma helped me with this, but also understanding how to differentiate our products. At the end of the day, keeping it simple for clients is crucial — being able to understand that and speak to clients so they understand our products and business has been key.

Transitioning into Client Success was ideal, and having started in Strategy allowed me to understand what was needed on the client success side of our business. I had a pretty good perspective of what was needed and how to properly motivate people to be their most successful selves. My agency background also helped me to understand the nuances of DeepIntent’s business.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone looking to kickstart a career in strategy or a customer-facing position?

Listen first! A lot can get lost in translation. It is important to understand what the client’s needs and expectations are to build the best strategy and offer the best support. Building relationships, establishing trust, and remembering clients are people, too. This is not a transaction business, it is a people business.

Who has been a mentor to you during your career at DeepIntent?

Chief Strategy Officer Jen Werther has been a mentor to me. Her knowledge of the product and data is amazing — I have learned so much from her in a short time. She takes the time to meet with me and support me and ensure the team is set up for success. She brought me on and allowed me to jump in and fly!

I have also learned a ton from SVP of Sales & Solutions Tony Sherry around our sales organization, and Chris Paquette, our founder and CEO. Chris has given me the opportunity and trust to take on Client Success and run with it. Having the support of the overall leadership team has been incredible at DeepIntent.

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