My Career Journey at DeepIntent: Morgan Warshaw

“My Career Journey” is an interview series where we showcase the phenomenal talent at DeepIntent, offering insight into the paths that led them to their current role, as well as the ways they’re making an impact at the company.

As Director of Talent Acquisition, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Morgan Warshaw, Sr. Analytics Manager, to discuss her career, what inspires her as a manager, and the value she places on her own inquisitiveness.



What initially brought you to DeepIntent?

I started at DeepIntent 2.5 years ago during COVID. It was luck that I ended up here, as I was let go from my digital out-of-home (OOH) job and found a Sr. Analyst position posted. I went through a fast and simple interview process where I met with Chris Paquette and others. I enjoyed the idea that the position was within a smaller field in ad tech.

What part(s) of your job inspire you every day? What are you most passionate about in your day-to-day work? 

My day to day varies a lot. I get to interact with many people, especially the analysts I manage. I have watched my team grow since they started and that has been fun and inspiring. It’s rewarding and nice to see the work I put in goes down the ladder and trickles down to my team. I can rely on my team, which is a testament to them and makes me want to work even harder.

I have always been passionate about coding and the more technical aspect of my position. When I am able to get more involved in quality assurance (QA), that is something I enjoy. I like the puzzle aspect of my role; if there is a problem, asking questions to get to the root cause and working to resolve and find a result is really satisfying.

As you’ve grown in your career at DeepIntent, what have been your keys to success?

My biggest key to success is my inquisitiveness. I ask a million questions at once and am not shy to do so. If you never ask the question you will never know. That will leave you in a bad spot because down the line you will need to know the answer. Ask as many questions as you can because you don’t know what you don’t know.

My ability to ask questions is my biggest key to success. Everyone at DeepIntent is really open and wants you to learn and grow. I am a big proponent of asking questions and asking for help.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone looking to kickstart a career in analytics?

I have touched a bunch of different aspects of analytics. We did not heavily focus on media analytics at DeepIntent when I joined. We more so focused on business intelligence; building tools with a more technical focus on our work. My background is agency-side analytics, which focuses on receiving data and storytelling through it. My agile experience has allowed me to be successful in my position today.

There are options within analytics: you can go the technical route, storytelling route, or even the data science route if you are very technical and mathematically minded. Having the technical skills is really beneficial and makes you more marketable, even if you don’t want to go down the technical path, seeing how the data gets to the point it does. It’s more important to understand everything going into it and the methodology behind it. Being able to give a presentation, PowerPoint building skills, communicating with clients, storytelling, SQL queries, using visualization tools, etc., are all skillsets to learn and utilize as an analyst.

When I was looking to go into data analytics, I was a senior in college looking for jobs. I stumbled upon a job at a boutique ad agency for an analyst. I liked the questions asked and they made me think, which only sparked my interest in the field further. I knew analytics was what I wanted to go into.

Who has been a mentor to you during your career at DeepIntent?

In my career overall, my mentors have been my managers and VPs who’ve taught me how to do things. I have relied on people to give me the knowledge and allowed me to grow in my role. I currently work with John Mangano and Stephen Fan, who both have become mentors to me. When I have questions, I look to them to understand how they would tackle a problem and get their insight into how they would handle something and allow me to adopt that.

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