DeepIntent CEO’s Expert POV on Transformative Data Practices

PM360 asked experts in everything regarding data and analytics how they are dealing with managing the influx of data and the best ways to turn that information into insights.

DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, weighed in.

What new trend, advancements, or application of data analytics do you think holds the most promise for pharma marketers? Why?

Data tokenization technology will transform the pharmaceutical industry, marketing included.

For healthcare, privacy is paramount. To date, this has posed inherent and warranted limitations on data collection and usage. Tokenization will help move pharma forward.

Tokenization technology empowers data-driven advancement while protecting patient privacy. By replacing sensitive patient information with a de-identified, unique value (token), siloed datasets can be linked in new, privacy-secure ways.

Adoption of tokenization technology has allowed companies to combine various disparate datasets—such as clinical, transactional, and social demographic data—within powerful applications where it can be mined and analyzed together.

This improved data access and utility holds great promise and potential. Expect accelerated, more informed medical research; a greater understanding of population health and social determinants; stronger diagnostic accuracy and improved treatment plans; measurable attribution of media’s role in driving positive health outcomes; and more.

DeepIntent uses tokenization technology as part of the privacy-first process that powers our Patient Modeled Audiences solution. Learn more.