Patient Marketing Made Easier

Reach the most precise patient audiences with the only demand side platform able to optimize advertising campaigns to increase audience quality and script performance using real-world clinical data.

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The award-winning healthcare advertising platform from DeepIntent® has access to 300M+ patients so you can use patented technology to create custom Patient Modeled Audiences based on the most comprehensive clinical data in a HIPAA-compliant, privacy-safe way.



Patient Modeled Audiences

Build custom patient audiences quickly and precisely in a HIPAA-compliant, privacy-safe way with our patented, award-winning technology.

  • 300M+ Patients
  • 115K Diagnosis and Procedure Codes
  • 80K+ Drugs with Prescribing Behaviors
  • 4K+ Consumer Attributes

DeepIntent’s Healthcare Demand Side Platform

Seamlessly activate your patient audiences within curated premium, brand-safe inventory from endemic and non-endemic media partners across channels and devices.

  • Connected TV
  • Audio 
  • Display
  • Video
  • Native
Measure & Optimize

DeepIntent Outcomes™

Improve audience quality and script performance while reducing cost-per-verified patient with patented, award-winning technology that combines real-world clinical data and impression data to optimize campaigns in-flight.

Connected TV Marketplace

Reach precise patient audiences with the first CTV Marketplace built purposefully for pharma advertisers.

  • Create precise audiences using the patented Patient Modeled Audiences across devices
  • Get exclusive and priority access to 20M+ LG Ad Solutions HHs
  • Access premium, curated, controlled inventory across top content providers
  • Optimize campaigns in-flight toward audience quality and script performance with patent-pending DeepIntent Outcomes  technology
  • Leverage ACR data to drive incremental reach to unexposed linear TV HHs, expand linear TV frequency across devices, or target households exposed to competitive pharma ads on linear TV

DeepIntent Outcomes is an award-winning, patented optimization engine that’s proven to drive higher audience quality and script performance while reducing cost-per-verified patient.

  • Automatic, in-flight optimizations powered by predictive algorithms and ongoing machine learning
  • Daily data refreshes of the most comprehensive, timely healthcare dataset
  • Insightful analysis to understand and improve performance drivers within and across campaigns
  • Coordinate and optimize HCP and patient exposures towards common KPIs like audience quality and script performance

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