Create Custom Patient & Provider Audiences for Immediate Activation

MarketMatch® is directly integrated with data, identity, publisher, and privacy partners to give advertisers actionable access to 300M+ patient and 1.6M+ HCP profiles

Our built-in identity solution continuously connects digital IDs with clinical, behavioral, and first-party publisher data to ensure our addressable profiles contain the latest attributes

Unlike other industry solutions, our Healthcare Audiences let you:

  • Create segments or audience models based on 110K+ diagnostic and procedure codes, prescribing behavior for 80K+ drugs, 500+ provider specialties, and more
  • Match NPI target lists to addressable HCP profiles in < 10 seconds, at a 95% average match rate
  • Send audiences directly to our healthcare DSP for immediate activation

Identify your most valuable HCP audiences. Match your NPI list or build new, custom segments

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Model and target precise, campaign-specific patient audiences using our HIPAA-certified process

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Reach highly-qualified individuals who have demonstrated interest in relevant conditions, drugs, or topics

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