No More Healthcare Data Silos: Q+A With ShareThis Director of Product Marketing Matt Palmaccio

Data is an essential component of any advertising strategy, and health data is especially valuable for pharma companies who want to reach relevant healthcare providers and patient audiences.

As one of our Audience Marketplace data partners, ShareThis is working hard to deliver the most reliable, real-time healthcare data in a privacy-safe way. Today, ShareThis Director of Product Marketing Matt Palmaccio joins us for an in-depth Q&A that sheds light on what makes their data unique and how they’re addressing some of the most common challenges faced by healthcare advertisers today.

1. What is ShareThis’ mission?

ShareThis’ mission is to create the world’s most reliable real-time consumer interest and human behavior data source for marketers, partners, and content sources.

2. ShareThis’ data is now available via the DeepIntent Audience Marketplace. Why did you choose to directly integrate your HCP and DTC segments?

While advertisers across all verticals use ShareThis audience segments, healthcare advertisers, in particular, find the behavioral signals from which our audiences are built to be a reliable indicator of intent. In fact, the healthcare vertical is one of the most successful business drivers at ShareThis. So, making our healthcare provider (HCP) and direct-to-consumer (DTC) segments available directly in the DeepIntent Audience Marketplace was a natural fit, and we are proud to have our audiences available in the marketplace to help support DeepIntent’s mission of improving patient outcomes through advertising and data science. Not to mention, we’ve been super impressed by how DeepIntent has emerged as a leader in digital health advertising, and we wanted to help further that success.

3. What makes your data unique?

ShareThis offers leading tools and consumer insights to three million websites that allow us to collect highly impactful signals from 180 billion consumer interactions each year. Using best-in-class data science techniques, ShareThis derives consumer interest and intent from these signals to create valuable data products, including audience segments, that are trusted by healthcare and other advertisers.

4. How is ShareThis able to understand the needs of healthcare marketers and deliver the specific data necessary to fuel HCP and DTC marketing campaigns?

ShareThis is able to observe digital behavior in near real-time across the open web through the millions of domains that use our content engagement tools. In particular, our segments are based on observations from a more inclusive set of publishers that go beyond the typical professional sites for HCPs and draw on a full range of sites used by patients and consumers. The ability to understand the health interests and engagements of both healthcare professionals and consumers enables us to deliver powerful audience segments that advertisers can use to reach the most relevant professionals and consumers.

5. Can you describe some of the challenges that companies are experiencing with an incredibly fragmented and complex healthcare ecosystem?

With so many different healthcare providers and specialists interacting with patients, there is often a lack of collaboration resulting from those providers working within their own silos. From a data and advertising perspective, those silos create a barrier to having a 360-degree view of consumer behavior as it relates to health needs and care.

ShareThis has a unique advantage in meeting this challenge by virtue of our ability to observe consumer behavior across the open web. We are able to help advertisers make connections that wouldn’t be possible by relying on “siloed” data alone, whether from patient records or walled garden platforms.

6. What challenges and solutions do you see for healthcare marketers as people become savvier about ad targeting and more states pass laws like California’s CCPA or the Colorado Privacy Act?

The challenge for healthcare marketers will always be the need to balance consumer privacy and protection with access to information about treatments and care that is critical and timely for those consumers. Laws like CCPA and others are requiring the advertising industry to innovate and use advanced technologies and data solutions. For example, at ShareThis, we employ sophisticated modeling techniques to build audience segments for sensitive conditions to provide a way for advertisers to offer value to consumers in a privacy-safe manner.

7. What’s next for ShareThis?

As identity solutions continue to evolve in the run-up to the deprecation of third-party cookies, ShareThis has developed Atlas Global ID, an interoperable ID solution that will bridge evolving identity needs with the data demands of advertisers. Atlas will ensure that healthcare advertisers can continue to rely on ShareThis audiences and data products, even in a cookieless programmatic landscape.

In addition, ShareThis will continue to innovate across our data solutions to drive use cases beyond just advertising and targeting, from insights and analytics to personalization and predictive modeling. There are so many ways to harness the power of online behavioral data to help companies achieve objectives that are centered around a better understanding of their consumers. The goal of our innovations is to deliver data solutions that drive more revenue for our clients and partners while delivering better experiences and outcomes for their own customers.

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