Create Highly Qualified HCP and Patient Audience Segments

Our strategic audience solutions provide the options you need to build, access, or onboard your most clinically-relevant campaign audiences.


Identify Your Most Valuable HCP Audiences with HCP Planner, Now Powered by IQVIA​
Our award-winning HCP Planner enables real-time audience creation and forecasting based on data for 95% of the prescribing HCP universe. DeepIntent is the only DSP fully integrated with IQVIA to enable end-to-end data consistency through campaign planning, activation, and measurement.
Healthcare Provider
Explore and segment HCP audiences based on clinical, behavioral, and demographic data for 1.8M+ addressable NPIs
Patient Modeled Audiences
Upload and match your NPI list in <10 seconds, with a 95%+ average match rate
Folder Plus
Export audiences for immediate activation with DeepIntent’s DSP, the industry leader for HCP reach
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Forecast and Target Audiences With the Industry’s Best DSP for HCP Reach

DeepIntent delivers industry-leading HCP reach, achieving up to 17% greater active reach based on verified campaign data.

Self-service access to explore and segment HCPs based on IQVIA data
Gauge performance potential with real-time delivery forecasts
Send audiences directly to the DeepIntent DSP for immediate activation


Reach Highly-Qualified Patient Audiences with Patented Technology​

We’re Revolutionizing the Way Patient Campaigns are Planned and Activated

Our patent-pending Patient Planner is the only tool that unifies medical and pharmacy claims within a healthcare DSP for on-demand patient audience creation and real-time campaign planning.

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Take Your TV Investment to the Next Level

Gain instant insight into clinically-relevant audience overlap and incremental reach across linear and connected TV

The only tool that combines viewership and clinical data so you can:

Understand potential patient reach on linear and connected TV
Quantify the # of incremental patients that can be engaged by extending reach to CTV
Maximize clinically-relevant reach and improve efficiencies

Get Access to HCP & Patient Planner