DeepIntent Creates First of Its Kind Advertising Marketplace

The marketing technology company has launched a Healthcare Marketplace, the first data-rich, and privacy-safe digital environment where healthcare advertisers, publishers, and data providers can collaborate.

“The industry is moving towards first-party data, direct inventory, and rigorous privacy regulation, signaling big changes to the way healthcare marketing operates,” DeepIntent CEO, Chris Paquette, explained in a statement. “Our Healthcare Marketplace lets buyers [advertisers] and sellers [publishers] integrate and collaborate on campaigns directly within a privacy-safe environment. It’s a superior and sustainable solution that improves campaign performance while enabling the economics healthcare publishers need.”

Publisher’s benefit from DeepIntent’s network of 200+ healthcare brands, bringing them data and demand that help engage their healthcare professional user-base with relevant advertising. Healthcare advertisers can trade directly with publishers and buy across the open exchange. The platform does not allow movement of audience data, segments, and real-time bidding (RTB) ad requests outside its platform, assuring data privacy.

Learn more about our Healthcare Marketplace here