Matterkind and DeepIntent Prove Addressable Media Drives Script Performance and New Patient Starts

Matterkind uses DeepIntent Outcomes patented technology to improve audience quality and script performance

Since its launch, DeepIntent Outcomes™ has been used to automatically optimize media based on real-world clinical data for 85 leading pharmaceutical brands, with over 50 brands benefiting from DeepIntent Outcomes year to date. Today, 65% of all impressions served via DeepIntent’s DSP are optimized toward higher audience quality and script performance, meeting healthcare marketers’ demand for technology that can deliver quantifiable results.
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Campaign and Analysis Overview

DeepIntent’s healthcare-specialized DSP, along with its patented DeepIntent Outcomes™ technology that links real-world clinical data with impression data, empowered Matterkind to measure and optimize live campaigns based on script performance metrics (TRx, NBRx).


Highly-qualified HCP and patient audience segments

Created custom, clinically-relevant HCP and patient audiences based on the industry’s most comprehensive healthcare data

Onboarded existing patient audiences and NPI target lists to DeepIntent’s data agnostic platform



Automatic, real-time optimizations toward script KPIs

Activated a multichannel programmatic campaign across CTV, OLV, and display 

Script performance algorithm optimized media in-flight to grow prescription volume while reducing cost-per-script

Measure Optimize


Performance based on script volume and audience quality

In-flight and post-campaign measurement based on script volume and audience quality (AQ)

Custom analysis to inform and optimize future campaigns, that quantified the impact of:

  • HCP and patient media on new patient starts
  • Multichannel exposures on script performance

Key Outcomes

Healthcare Provider

HCPs’ prescribing rate improved by 10%


Patients were 1.5X more likely to be clinically-relevant and 225% more likely to get on script

Medical File

Script optimization grew new-to-brand scripts (NBRx) by 12.1X while reducing cost-per-script by 60%

CTV Wifi
CTV drove 2 – 2.5X higher NBRx than OLV and display, respectively
Cross Screen
Combined exposure to CTV, OLV, and display delivered 6X the NBRx rate vs. standalone display
Prescriptions Over Impressions


Prescriptions Over Impressions

How does addressable media impact script performance? DeepIntent helped one top pharmaceutical company and its agency of record, Matterkind, answer that question with an integrated, cross-channel campaign. With the help of data-driven audience building and real-time script optimization, the brand maximized ROI.

How CTV Is Changing the Way TV Media Is Transacted

At our recent Innovating with Intent event focused on pharma CTV advertising, Matterkind’s Adam Thomas discussed the channel’s effectiveness at driving NBRx prescription fills with our SVP of Client Strategy Carrie Craigmyle and Finn Partners’ Ritesh Patel.

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