Introducing DeepIntent’s New Brand Identity

In April 2016, I said farewell to my colleagues at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. It was my last day as a data scientist and my first day as Chief Executive Officer of DeepIntent. For months prior, my co-founder and I hunched over our computers writing code and building decks around the clock. We were driven by nothing more than blind faith that we were building something truly important for the world. 

As it turns out, we were. With the perfect mix of luck, flawless code, and artful selling, we successfully capitalized the company and set the stage for three straight years of 3X growth — with a fourth year of the same well underway. 

A smart entrepreneur once shared with me that in every startup’s life there is a time when a company must “slow down in order to speed up.” Late last year, I recognized it was DeepIntent’s time to do exactly that. So the Leadership Team and I set out to reflect upon the past and look to the future. DeepIntent has come a long way since its founding. We recognized the importance of clearly communicating and demonstrating our brand promise and vision. It was time to renew our brand identity.

DeepIntent’s New Brand Identity

Much has changed since 2016, but our charge has not wavered. DeepIntent is committed to achieving our vision of creating healthcare marketing technology that measurably improves patient lives. We are relentless in our charge to build the most effective platform for delivering information that positively influences patient well-being and health outcomes.

Even amid the uncertainties of a global pandemic, our company is not only surviving — we’re thriving. That’s because we value the power of information, and respect the role it plays in shaping health and treatment decisions.  We have succeeded at building the technology and foundation for data-driven healthcare marketing that empowers us to disseminate health information to millions of patients and providers across the country everyday. There’s never been a more important time for the work DeepIntent does, and the current war our country is waging against an invisible enemy is proof of it. People’s lives depend on it. 

All aspects of our branding – including our logo, tagline, brand style, and more – now reflect the shared vision, beliefs, and values that will guide our path forward. For example:

  • Our tagline, “The Power of Positive Outcomes,” refers to our principle that digital media can influence positive health outcomes. Technology, data, precision, information, and innovation all play powerful roles in contributing to positive outcomes. 
  • Our logo, while simple, is purposeful in design. Our healthcare platform connects data, technology, and science. The use of the “plus” symbol is deliberate; this universal symbol for healthcare and medicine also indicates mathematical connection. Its positioning symbolizes the mathematical use of ‘to the power of,’ as commonly found in equations (e.g. x2 + y2 = z2).
  • Our colors represent key aspects of our identity and values. DeepIntent’s primary blue remains, demonstrating dependability and strength. Our deep red strengthens our association with healthcare, but also indicates our bold innovation. And our teal evokes both peace and vitality, both of which embody positive health outcomes.

Looking Ahead to a Healthier Future

It’s been four years since my first day as DeepIntent’s CEO, and I’m occasionally reminded of the palpable mix of excitement and anticipation I felt as I embarked on the DeepIntent journey. Now, years later, that feeling has been evoked once again as we introduce DeepIntent’s “new look” to the world. 

I’m proud of the hard work our team, particularly our Marketing Team, has done to enshrine our vision and mission within a wordmark that elegantly represents our belief that better patient outcomes can be delivered through data, technology, and science. 

I am proud to be at the helm of a company that challenges what it means to be a healthcare marketer on a daily basis. Through our efforts, digital healthcare marketing will evolve to become a more measurable and impactful channel that is continually proven to drive positive outcomes for our clients, healthcare providers, and most importantly, patients.

Visit our About page to learn more about DeepIntent, our history, our Leadership Team, and more

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