This Week in Healthcare Marketing: Pay TV Subscribers Shift to Streaming, the Ad Industry Prepares for New Privacy Laws, COVID Vaccine Boosters Authorized for All Adults

Staying up to date on every healthcare marketing trend is easier said than done these days, which is why we’re curating a weekly digest with all the top headlines on our radar. Check back every Friday for the latest news in healthcare marketing, pharmaceuticals, and advertising technology.

Pay TV Down, Streaming TV Up

Personalization vs. Privacy

  • A new report by McKinsey surveyed consumers about their opinions toward personalization. Of the consumers polled, 71% expect personalization, and 76% get frustrated when it’s not there, showing that “the value of getting personalization right — or wrong — is multiplying.”
  • Two House Democrats have reintroduced a privacy bill that would impose broad restrictions on companies’ ability to use online data for ad targeting. The Online Privacy Act would require that companies obtain consumers’ explicit consent before collecting or drawing on their “personal information” in order to serve them targeted ads, or to personalize content.
  • The IAB released a new white paper this week to help companies serving the CTV and OTT digital advertising supply chain prepare to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Rights Act when it goes into effect. “Project Crosswalk” examines stakeholders within the marketplace, whether and what friction points exist when addressing CCPA compliance, and more, and will be used as a basis to develop recommendations for how CPRA opt-outs might work under the new law.

Pharma Industry Updates

Healthcare Marketing Highlights

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