DeepIntent Unveils Precise & Privacy-Safe Patient Targeting Solution

DeepIntent AdTech Solution is First to Meld Differential Privacy & Machine Learning to Reach Specific Patients in a Privacy-Safe Way

HIPAA-certified solution delivers 25% higher audience quality, bringing relevant healthcare and treatment information to patients during COVID-19

NEW YORK, JUNE 25, 2020: Marketing technology company, DeepIntent, today announced general availability of Patient Modeled Audiences. The patent-pending, end-to-end advertising solution is HIPAA-certified and is the first to effectively combine differential privacy and machine learning to reach specific patient populations in a privacy-safe way. The solution delivers timely and relevant health and treatment information to patients, a capability that’s been particularly important during COVID-19. 

Patient Modeled Audience’s data-driven approach significantly improves advertisers’ ability to reach clinically-relevant audiences—in fact, an independent thirty-day test of twelve adtech solutions* found that DeepIntent’s audience quality scores were 25% higher than others in the group.

To date, healthcare organizations have been limited in the ways they can reach patients with specific diagnoses, often having to choose either accuracy (using opted-in consent-based patient targeting) or scale (using highly inefficient third-party data segments). Patient Modeled Audiences is the first adtech solution to deliver both by anonymizing healthcare data and extracting only the information needed to segment and reach specific patient audiences with speed and precision. 

“Our clients are seeing unprecedented campaign performance, indicating that the right patients are receiving the information they need to make more informed decisions about their health,” said DeepIntent Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Paquette. “It also proves that with Patient Modeled Audiences, marketers no longer need to choose between accuracy and scale. By combining emerging privacy technologies with machine learning built specifically for healthcare, DeepIntent closed this divide while mathematically guaranteeing HIPAA compliance.” 

Patient Modeled Audiences was made available to select DeepIntent clients in late Q4, 2019. Since then, pharmaceutical brands and advertising agencies have used the solution to execute more than 15 campaigns, for over a dozen different disease states. 

“DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences is proving to be a top performer across many of our clients for reaching qualified audiences at scale,” said Ray Rosti, Chief Digital Officer at Publicis Health Media. “As an agency that prides itself on the use of data and technology for healthcare marketing, Patient Modeled Audiences plays an integral role in that strategy.”

DeepIntent has partnered with privacy experts to ensure the data employed in Patient Modeled Audiences meets the most stringent privacy measures. Mirador Analytics, an independent healthcare data compliance and certification company, conducted a comprehensive disclosure risk assessment of Patient Modeled Audiences and certified it as HIPAA-compliant. DeepIntent also partners with Datavant for data anonymization. Datavant is widely recognized for its patent-pending data de-identification technology that connects disparate healthcare datasets with privacy-safe, universal patient identifiers.

Patient Modeled Audiences is now available to all advertisers for immediate use. 

*Thirty-Day Test 

Recently, a top 10 pharmaceutical company included DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences solution in a 30-day test that included 12 solution providers. DeepIntent used campaign-specific ICD-10 codes to create a custom campaign model that targeted individuals with high likelihood to have the specified diagnosis. 

DeepIntent achieved the #1 partner position due to extraordinary efficacy and efficiency:

  • Highest Audience Quality (AQ) score: 58.2%, 25% higher vs. average AQ for all other partners
  • Low Cost: cost-per-thousand (CPM) was 21% lower vs. the median, and 59% lower vs. average of all other partners 

Read more – CEO, Chris Paquette, sat down with Business Insider to discuss how Patient Modeled Audiences uses de-identified health data to improve ad efficiency and efficacy

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