CEO Statement: DeepIntent’s Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Over the past week, we have shared in the horror of watching Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine unfold in real time. Central to this aggression is misinformation, which is being weaponized by state-sponsored media to justify the atrocities being committed against innocent civilians of an independent and sovereign country.

As an advertising platform that supports publications of all sizes across the Internet, DeepIntent — and other companies like us — play an essential role in supporting businesses that create content, and enable our freedom of speech and expression. However, we also value truth.

The events taking place in Ukraine today have renewed our belief in the responsibility we have to combat the spread of lies and misinformation that lead to harm against others. In response to this senseless attack on the people of Ukraine, DeepIntent has begun the process of demonetizing all Russian-owned publications and media across our platform.

We will begin to block these publications from participating in our clients’ ad campaigns over the coming days. We strongly encourage our partners and others across our industry to do the same.

We stand in solidarity with Ukrainians all around the world and their effort to combat this unwarranted aggression by Russia. The action we take today is a small way we can show support for their cause and for freedom and truth in information around the world.

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