The Intelligent DSP Has Arrived

DeepIntent Copilot uses connected intelligence to optimize your strategy at all stages of campaign planning and activation.
DeepIntent CoPilot Screen

What is DeepIntent Copilot?

Built into the Healthcare Advertising Platform, DeepIntent Copilot delivers AI-powered insights and recommendations based on real-time media data tied to clinical outcomes.

Reach your optimal audience
Maximize your media investment
Drive performance and efficiency

DeepIntent CoPilot

How It Works

DeepIntent Copilot uses generative and connected AI to create an interactive experience that surfaces meaningful insights and recommendations throughout the campaign process.
Smarter Campaigns

Smarter Campaigns

Pre-optimize your audience mix to maximize relevant connections across patients and providers
AI-Powered Insights and Recommendations

AI-Powered Insights and Recommendations

Boost performance with actionable insights rooted in real-world clinical outcomes

Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Real-Time Campaign Optimization

Focus your investment on the impressions that drive deeper metrics of peformance such as audience quality and script lift

Want to streamline your campaign activation and drive measurable growth?